Gallery By Chatel Selected Fine Arts in Paris

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The By Chatel Selected Fine Arts art gallery, located in a quiet and cozy quarter of Paris between Beaumarchais and Vosges squares, invites citizens and tourists to discover the dynamic and passionate world of contemporary art.

A frantic desire to present to the general public recognized artists of contemporary art or artists who are only taking their first steps towards universal recognition has become the main motive for organizing a new art gallery in the historical district of Paris.

Many years of experience in the expert evaluation of paintings and sculptures, established contacts with partners in European countries and countries on other continents helped to realize the cherished dream of the gallery organizer.

18th century mansion interiors are best combined with the works of the new wave of fine art exhibited here. At By Chatel - Selected Fine Arts, ordinary connoisseurs of beauty and sophisticated art dealers can always find works of art that suit their artistic taste and personal emotional experiences.

When they are selected, gallery staff tend not to follow momentary fashion trends, but only highlight those paintings and sculptures whose value will only increase over time. Unusual creative personalities take part in the vernissages that take place here, talentedly reflecting their perception of the world in photographs, sculpture, drawing and design of modern furniture.

Attention to detail, eclecticism in the selection of works of art, perfect lighting of exhibits guarantee only positive impressions from visiting exhibitions at By Chatel - Selected Fine Arts. Whether it is a personal exhibition or a collective creative show of fine arts, in any case, gallery visitors will meet with non-trivial art of the 20th-21st centuries, bright, talented artists who want to share their skills with their contemporaries.

Bruno Bessolin uses only traditional Chinese black ink in his calligraphy art. His capacious short phrases on round medallions reflected the artist’s sense of humor and the cinematography of the word, generating original images.

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A series of paintings by Nicolas Blandin "Snakes" and "Chinese Shadows" after the exhibition in By Chatel - Selected Fine Arts became an adornment of the interiors of luxury Parisian hotels. The black and white gamut of colors of his works in the spirit of the 1920-1940's awakens the imagination and conveys the dynamism and drama of the earthly and heavenly elements. The artist’s ceramics mesmerizes with the magic of dark patterns and the sophistication of vase shapes.

Exhibition activities are not the only area of ​​By Chatel employees - Selected Fine Arts. They are ready to help owners of apartments and country houses in developing a project with an exclusive solution in interior design and to assist in the search for original furniture for residential and office premises.

Getting there

Address: 58 Rue des Tournelles, Paris 75003
Phone: + 33 9 83 04 88 11
Metro: Chemin Vert, Bréguet - Sabin
Bus: Saint-Gilles - Chemin Vert, Beaumarchais
Hours: 12: 00-19: 00