Claude Samuel Gallery in Paris

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Founded in 1994, Galerie Claude Samuel is located in a very unusual building in Paris - in the central part of the Viaduct des Arts, not far from Place de la Bastille. Its two halls with an area of ​​30 m2 And 26 m2 located on different floors, connected by a narrow corridor and a small staircase.

Unusual interiors of the exhibition space are given by massive ceiling arches, rough texture of walls made of unplastered bricks and a huge window in the form of an arch in the entire facade. The dark stone floor contrasts in color with the light-colored walls and the square columns supporting the ceiling.

Throughout the year, Galerie Claude Samuel remains a venue for debates on topical issues in the development of contemporary art, concerts, theme nights, film shows, lectures and seminars. Almost every month, the theme of the expositions of the exhibition halls is updated or replenished with new works of art.

In the original and intimate setting of the gallery, samples of art photography are most often displayed. At the same time, the same opportunities are provided to artists and sculptors from France and foreign countries.

The staff of Galerie Claude Samuel strives to introduce all visitors to new talents in the field of fine arts. They offer art dealers and collectors a wide and unusual selection of creative works by dozens of artists, graphic artists, sculptors and photographers collaborating with the gallery.

Surreal photographic images created by Vasco Ascolini reflect the essence of the inner situation that the image of each object creates. His works explore the history of the avant-garde and tell about its legacy.

Each photograph taken by Elena Lyakir using the synthesis of reality and symbolism is a poetic and complex metaphor for human emotions. The author shares with the viewer in his works the peculiar beauty of contemplative melancholy and nostalgia. She sees her main task as softening and overcoming reality and uses for this all the possibilities of photography, abstraction and graphic drawing.

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At his solo exhibition, Pierre Manet presented a series of his works Luxure & Voluptés, dedicated to the creative exploration of the world of Parisian brothels of the 1920s and 1930s. In soft and sensual tones, he seeks to convey ambivalence, a dichotomy between the beauty of this place, plasticity, light and the embarrassment of posing models that enhance the feeling of anxiety.

A key point in Massimiliano Maraffa's work was the study of the boundaries between the real and the believable. Doubt is central to his work, so he prefers to create unstable images from separate fragments of the reality of everyday life.

The dynamism and eclecticism of the exposition process taking place in Galerie Claude Samuel, the richness of various forms of cultural activity are a reliable guarantee of stability and constant interest of art lovers in this small gallery.

Getting there

Address: 69 Avenue Daumesnil, Paris 75012
Phone: + 33 1 53 17 01 11
Metro: Ledru-Rollin, Gare de Lyon
RER train: Gare de Lyon
Bus: Daumesnil - Diderot
Hours: 10: 00-16: 00