Gallery Diane de Polignac & Chazournes in Paris

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In 2008, the collective of the new gallery of contemporary art Galerie Diane de Polignac & Chazournes joined the numerous antique salons and exhibition halls of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter. Its employees see their mission through exhibitions and publications to form an objective perception of the latest forms of fine art among the general public and help in understanding its history.

In the sphere of priority interests of Diane de Polignac and her like-minded people is the work of artists and sculptors of the second half of the 20th century. The gallery actively promotes representatives of American abstract expressionism, South American kinetic art, European lyrical abstraction and brutalism on the art market.

For many years, the gallery of Diane de Polink and Chazornay has been striving to help artists from all over the world, and especially those for whom France has become a second home. Among them are Chinese immigrants Zao Wu-Ki, Tan Haven and Sanyu, Americans Sam Francis, Paul Jenkins and Mark Toby, Europeans Gerard Schneider, Hans Hartung and Olivier Debre, South Americans Wifredo Lamol and Carmelo Arden Queen, Russian-born artists Nick Serge Polyakov and de Stael.

Amelie Lawrence devoted her work to the archaic and the elements of natural color. The main motive of her bright designs on fabric is serene freedom and striving for absolute knowledge. Alvarez Sotomayor's student, Wilfredo Lam, developed in his work a unique synthesis of African art, Cubism and Surrealism. The rich colors and simplified forms of his works reflect the master's view of significant historical events, enriched with ethnic motives.

The prevailing dark tones, applied with characteristic rough outrenoir strokes, are the features of the individual creative emphasis of the supporter of abstract expressionism Pierre Soulange. In an effort to show the interaction of light and glare against a black background, he breaks up the matte and glossy areas of his paintings with ridges and cavities formed by paint.

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Exhibition shows of the gallery are constantly accompanied by the organization of relaxed parties, the guests of which are located not only in its halls, but also on the sidewalks in front of the building. At the opening day of Senso des années 2000, they could enjoy vegan cuisine and relax to the music of Laurent Couson and DJ Charles Shillings.

The publishing activity of the gallery is not limited to the publication of catalogs of exhibitions held on its premises. Together with P. Soulages, J. Schneider and G. Hartun, she publishes the bulletin Raisonné, dedicated to the creative achievements of artists of the 20th century.

The gallery also offers its visitors exquisite exclusive furniture, created according to the sketches of the artists collaborating with it. The combination of their craftsmanship and beauty of form allows timeless and iconic works to be displayed in the halls of the gallery.

Getting there

Address: 2Bis Rue de Gribeauval, Paris 75007
Metro: Bac street
Bus: Rue du Bac - René Char