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The Galerie Fatiha Selam Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall is one of the new art galleries in Paris. For more than 10 years in his biography Fatih Selam gave his work in famous galleries in France and abroad. The invaluable experience gained and the desire for freedom of expression led him to create his own gallery. Its opening took place in 2012 in one of the mansions of the recognized center of modern art of the Marais quarter in Paris.

The area of ​​two modest halls of the gallery is only 65 m2. The interior design done in light colors does not distract attention from the works of art exhibited here, but on the contrary, such a decision helps visitors to focus on the works of painters, sculptors, graphic artists and ceramists placed on the walls and pedestals.

Despite the small size of the gallery, she has something to please and surprise collectors and connoisseurs of the beautiful. Durable long-term contacts of gallery owner Fatih Selam with gifted artists allow him to offer visitors a good selection of original works of art.

At the Amy Hilton Pensées sédimentaires solo exhibition, art lovers were given the chance to get acquainted with her original hypothesis about the place of art and original works. According to her theory, art is an intermediate state between thought and matter. She tried to illustrate her idea with the help of pastels and small sculptural forms presented at the exhibition.

The German artist Jorgen Gessner devoted several years of his life to the study of the technique and practice of the oriental art of working with paper, its texture, density, shades and format. He presented the results of his creative searches to the audience at the personal exhibition “Shadow Leaf” held at Galerie Fatiha Selam.

Favorite material in the work of sculptor and ceramist Daniel Pontorno is refractory red clay, kaolin and cast iron. Using their plastic possibilities, he creates his original works, through which he seeks to express his thoughts on the connection of simple forms and elements with the real material world, its dependence on the fundamental principle. At the vernissage at Galerie Fatiha Selam, the results of his many years of reflection brought visible outlines and forms.

Adhering to the author’s concept for the selection of paintings and sculptures, Fatih Selim created a constant circle of like-minded people united around the gallery, sharing his views on the forms, role and significance of modern fine art.

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Address: 58 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France