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The Galerie Folia art gallery opened its doors just a few years ago. In 2016, its founder, photographer Robert Folio, rented a space for her on the territory of the well-known cultural and creative center of Paris - the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

He saw his task as creating a multipurpose space, which would have enough meta for holding photo exhibitions, presentations, conferences, vernissages of modern painting and graphics. Round tables organized by R. Folio are held in a friendly and cozy atmosphere in an original format and bring together artists, authors, philosophers and gallery visitors.

In addition to its significant exhibition space, the Galerie Folia has an excellent library of art publications. A wide selection of monographs, album catalogs and periodicals brings the two worlds of art closer together.

In a short time, the gallery hosted 15 personal and collective exhibitions, most of which were devoted to the art of photography. Such renowned masters as Daido Moriyama, Denis Roche, Alexander Chekmenev, Vincent Perez and Henri Cartier Bresson presented their works in its halls.

On an equal footing with them, the work of the less well-known photo artists Patrick Tournebo-Niels Ackermann, Julien Chasal was reflected here. Representing different cultures and social strata of society, they united here in order to present their vision of the world to the viewer.

Maurice Schobinger has been skillfully photographing natural and urban landscapes for many years. The originality of his works is given by the innovative technique of transferring the play of light, developed by him in 1988. The gallery exhibited his series of photographs dedicated to the tragic pages of the history of Volgograd during the Second World War.

A classic of photography of the 20th century A. Cartier-Bresson worked a lot in remote corners of the planet. His photographic studies from Mexico, India, China, Indonesia reflected everyday life and significant events in the history of these countries. The exhibition of the gallery of photographic portraits of writers and artists he created was a notable event in the short history of the Galerie Folia.

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Poverty and destitution are traditionally the subjects of Sir Don McCullin's black-and-white photographs. A peculiar alternative to the scenes of human drama in his work was an interest in the beauty of nature in the corners of the earth untouched by the destructive influence of civilization. A bold experimenter, Franco-Moroccan photo artist Mustafa Azerual, at his solo exhibition Ellios at the Galerie Folia in the spring of 2018, presented his creative explorations of the Sun as the main source of light and the metamorphoses of lighting in the Atlas Mountains.

The success of the exhibition activities of the young Parisian gallery quickly gained recognition among collectors, artists, art historians and art critics. A vivid confirmation of this was the ceremony of awarding the prestigious Camera Clara Photo Prize 2018 at the Galerie Folia in 2017 in the presence of its founder Josephine Moreno and President of the Grésigny Foundation Audrey Bazin.

Getting there

Address: 13 Rue de l'Abbaye, Paris 75006
Phone: + 33 1 42 03 21 83
Metro: Mabillon
Bus: Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Hours: 13: 00-19: 00