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The French Arts Factory Gallery of Contemporary Art is located in the heart of the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris. It opened less than five years ago thanks to the successful work of gallery owners Veronica and Gerard Moulin.

In the design of the gallery's exhibition space, shades of the light spectrum of the color palette are used in combination with the natural color of wood. Against the background of the minimalist design of light beige walls, wooden columns and open ceilings look harmonious and extremely impressive. Certain sections of the walls are devoid of decorative finishes and the brutal red brick masonry contrasts with the bright colors and light forms of the samples of modern art on display.

The French Arts Factory provides its showrooms to showcase works made in a wide variety of techniques and styles, although arts and crafts are preferred. Here you can see modern ceramics, photographs, masterpieces of calligraphy, highly artistic glass and textile products, works of art made of wood, wire and paper, paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Владельцы галереи стремятся дать шанс приобрести известность и собственных поклонников современным молодым художникам из Франции и франкоязычных стран. Оригинальные произведения искусства, созданные Людовиком Исидором, Мари Базель, Кэти Бион, Эммануэлем Буром можно не только посмотреть во время действующих временным выставок, но и приобрести понравившиеся экспонаты после их окончания.

During the work of the gallery, such events in the world of contemporary art as the exhibitions "Color Instinct", "Mirage", "Mosaic" took place here. "Human Nature", "Unusual Art". Exhibition space was provided for international exhibitions of works by artists Lux Art Fair, Baham'Art en Seine, Lausanne Art Fair.

With the opening of the French Arts Factory gallery, many artists got another opportunity to present the results of their work to the general public, and Parisians and guests of the capital always keep abreast of their latest experiments in art.

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Getting there

Address: 19 Rue de Seine, Paris 75006
Phone: + 33 1 77 13 27 31
Metro: Mabilon
Bus: Pont des Arts / Quai de Conti
Hours: 11: 00-19: 30