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The founders of the art gallery Galaxie des Arts, L. Puer and F. D. Porel, created a new exhibition hall in Barbizon in 1988 with one goal - to make art and culture accessible to everyone. Together they have developed innovative forms of creative meetings that bring artists and the general public closer together. In 2003, they became the owners of a new gallery space in an old house on Place des Vosges, which was visited several times by King Louis XIII.

The gallery's permanent exhibition is based on works by the eccentric artist Marie-Paul Chabrol, with whom the gallery owners have been collaborating for nearly two decades. In addition to this collection of paintings and drawings, bronze figurines created by the sculptor Zh-P have become. Richard. These are mainly graceful figurines of slender women with attractive shapes.

The main activity of the gallery is related to the organization of temporary exhibitions of works of art created over the past few years. The mission of the Galaxie des Arts is to present artists from around the world whose versatility is paramount. The exhibition hall specialists take part in the organization of art exhibitions outside the gallery in the areas proposed by its partners.

Art lovers who frequent the gallery are discovering new names in painting and sculpture. In the fantastically wonderful paintings of Jean-Marie Lamar, the influence of the masters of the Flemish school is clearly distinguished, the mystery and sensual atmosphere are inherent in the canvases of Audrey Marienkoff, and Benito Leon's paintings reflect his ideas of femininity in art. Yves Palli's original collection of trumpets, featuring brightly colored figures from the animated film The Simpsons, give the gallery a light humorous touch.

Each opening day of the Galaxie des Arts is accompanied by the publication of a thematic booklet. Along with the provision of consulting services to collectors, the gallery's specialists offer them the opportunity to restore paintings and sculptures damaged by time and poor storage conditions.

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Getting there

Address: 9 Place des Vosges, Paris 75004
Phone: + 33 9 50 29 47 98
Metro: Saint-Paul, Chemin Vert
Bus: Place des Vosges
Hours: 11: 00-18: 30