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A branch of the Irish art gallery The Greenlane Gallery Paris opened in the capital on the island of Saint-Louis in the summer of 2008. The showroom was the first outside Ireland of the gallery's structural unit, established in 1992 by Susan Kalera and Thomas D. Byrne with the support of Dingle Horsering in Dingle.

Since its inception, the gallery's staff has prioritized the presentation of contemporary Irish art, including painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts and jewelry. The comfortable open and light space of the gallery allows exhibiting works of art from the most objective perspective.

The qualified and friendly staff of The Greenlane Gallery Paris is always ready to provide consulting services in accordance with the needs of clients, if necessary. Gallery staff can offer a private viewing of the collection by appointment, gift coupons to all visitors, selection and decoration of a wedding gift.

The organization of exhibition shows has become a popular form of work for The Greenlane Gallery Paris. One of these events was entirely dedicated to the theme of women in art. As part of the event, a photo exhibition of works by Meridith Mullins Paris Insolite, seminars by Carol Neguiar on organizing an art business in Paris and Sue Alush on digital printing techniques, a presentation of Japanese green tea, a lecture by Maureen Esquire on the art of calligraphy were organized. During the show, his guests were offered a buffet table with light snacks, wine and soft drinks.

At the exhibition "Sirens and Goddesses", which was opened in the presence of the Ambassador of Ireland to France Paul Cavanagh, the works of sculptor Denis Lynch and artist Nell Collins were presented to the Parisians. Despite the completely different directions of art, at the opening day they were united by a common interest in the Celtic cultural tradition and art. The main motive of their works is the belief in the positive power of art and beauty.

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Irish artist Michael Flaherty explores the apocalyptic power of the sea in his new Seascape series. His confident writing technique perfectly conveys the effect of being on the Atlantic coast, the dynamics of the waves and the lyricism of the atmosphere.

In the paintings of Margot Banks, the artistic emphasis is on the traditions and myths of the land of the ancestors. Having successfully entered the poetic folklore, they talk about wild and mysterious creatures hiding in the Teromoila mountains of the Irish County of Kerry.

The commitment of The Greenlane Gallery Paris staff to the idea of ​​promoting the creativity of Irish artists with their strong national traditions on the continent has become an original distinguishing feature of this art gallery among many other similar exhibition halls of contemporary art in Paris.

Getting there

Address: 29 Rue des Deux Ponts, Paris 75004
Phone: + 33 1 73 74 21 60
Metro: Pont Marie
Bus: Ile Saint-Louis
Hours: 12: 00-17: 30