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The Galerie HEGOA Photo & Sculpture is located in the heart of the Rive Gaucher quarter, teeming with antique shops and showrooms and artists' workshops. Its artistic concept is perfectly conveyed by the word chosen for the name from the Basque language - hegoa. It can be translated as "bird's wing" or the hot south wind bringing change. The name of the gallery also pays homage to its founder Michele Landabur.

More than 25 years ago, Galerie Hegoa opened its doors to artists and photographers, whose names have already become known to art lovers and those of them who are just starting their creative path. The main criteria for the selection of works for exhibiting were poetry, courage, humor and an original look at the eternal and urgent problems of mankind.

Exhibition halls of the gallery are located on two floors of the building, connected by a light staircase curving around the circumference. Its light-colored walls, combined with darker tones on ceilings and floors, create a sublime temple of art atmosphere and are great for exhibiting artwork. A deeper emotional perception of the works presented here is facilitated by skillfully arranged individual lighting for each painting or photograph.

A special place at the exhibition shows of the Hegoa Gallery is given to art photography. Photo artists Sophie Le Roux, Eric Ceccarini, Genaro Bardi, Bernard Tejetyan, Gilles Rigole and many other masters of "light painting" have become their constant participants in recent years.

One of the latest highlights at Hegoa was the '68! Street, fashion, image ”. It is dedicated to the half-century anniversary of the dramatic events of 1968 in Paris, a year that became for some a disaster and the end of a whole historical era, and for others the beginning of a dream come true. The photographs by Bernard Perrin and Daniel Cohn-Bendy capture the vivid moments of student unrest in the Latin Quarter and the emotional state of their participants.

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At the personal exhibition of Gilles Rigollet "Body and Water", visitors to the gallery could take a virtual trip to the most beautiful beaches in France, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands. The works of photographic art created by him perfectly convey the spirit of free relationships between man and the sea.

The friendly atmosphere of the exhibition hall encourages free informal communication between photo artists, artists, art collectors and ordinary art lovers. In addition to exhibitions and opening days, gallery manager Natalie Landaburu organizes chamber concerts and literary readings. The gallery's conference room accommodating 20 people is used for holding both creative meetings with artists, and can be rented for holding intimate corporate events.

Getting there

Address: 16 Rue de Beaune, Paris 75007
Phone: + 33 1 42 61 11 33
Website: galeriehegoa.com
Metro: Bac street
RER train: Gare Musée d'Orsay
Bus: Pont Royal - Quai Voltaire
Hours: 11: 00-19: 00