Itinerrance Gallery in Paris

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Art gallery Galerie Itinerrance was founded in 2004, a person who knows firsthand about the trends and problems of contemporary art. Gallery owner and street art artist Mehdi Ben Sheikh opened it with the aim of helping his “colleagues in the shop” establish business contacts with serious collectors and art dealers.

Many Parisians and guests of the city constantly come to the halls of Galerie Itinerrance, who want to get imbued with the art rhythms of the modern metropolis and get a charge of creative positive. They constantly exhibit works of artists from dozens of countries around the world. Graphics, sculptors and painters from Spain, Poland, Portugal, Tunisia, Chile, Brazil and Kenya are happy to take part in the events taking place here.

The first significant event in the exhibition hall on General D. Simon Boulevard was the personal exhibition "Earth crisis" by artist Sheppard Fairey. Each creative show is a great opportunity for street artists to create new masterpieces in their own style. The exhibitions held in the exhibition halls of the gallery became significant events in the creative biography of Roa, C215, Jana & Js, Sten and Lex.

In 2013, at the initiative of the owner, a grandiose action La Tour Paris 13 took place in Galerie Itinerrance and its environs. M. Ben Sheikh personally invited 80 artists from 16 countries and invited them to paint the walls of one of the Parisian houses, destined for demolition, in his style. Since that time, one of the activities of the gallery has been the organization of excursions through the streets of Paris to the artistic objects of street art.

One of the new major art objects that appeared in Paris at the initiative of the Itinerrance gallery is the art painting of the asphalt site near the Paris ring road. It took the German artist Semara 3 days and 4500 liters of paint to create an abstract drawing in 2D technique on an area of ​​5 m400.

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Talented street artists Brusk, El Seed, Pantonio and Jace have prepared a unique railing for the Pont des Arts. It consists of 220 wooden panels with a total area of ​​600 m2.

Galerie Itinerrance organizes at least 4-5 exhibitions every year. It is not uncommon when the artists participating in them create their works on the eve of the opening right on the walls of the halls of the gallery and its facade.

The owner of the gallery M. Ben Sheikh is constantly planning to expand the scope of its activities. One of her solutions was the creation in 2014 of a street art museum in his historical homeland in the Tunisian village of Riyadh.

Getting there

Address: 24 Boulevard du Général d'Armée Jean Simon, Paris 75013
Phone: + 33 1 44 06 45 39
Metro: Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
RER train: Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
Tram: Avenue de France
Bus: Porte de France
Hours: 12: 00-19: 00