Gallery Les Echappees de L'art in Paris

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Art gallery Galerie Les Echappees de L'art, specializing in exhibitions of abstract art, is located in one of the most interesting tourist areas of Paris - on the Montparnasse hill. The gallery, which opened in 2014, occupies several rooms in a modest building that blends harmoniously with the surrounding cityscape.

The exhibition hall of the gallery presents to the general public works of art of the 19th-20th centuries, painted in oils and watercolors or gouache. An important place during the exhibitions held here is occupied by engravings and book illustrations.

The gallery shows at Les Echappees de L'art have always featured a wide variety of painting and graphic genres. Exotic African and Asian art, traditional landscape painting, nude paintings, urban landscapes, classical portraits and abstract canvases found their enthusiastic viewers here.

Among the exhibitions organized by the administration of the gallery Les Echappees de L'art, the great attention of art lovers was attracted by personal exhibitions of original paintings and drawings by E. Marcel, C. Lesch, M. Kluge, L. Borms, I. Latil, G. Wenske, M. Rogovsky. The gallery's exhibition hall also hosts poetry evenings in which sculptors and painters who speak the arts take an active part.

In 2018, the halls of the gallery were provided for a long time for the exhibition of works by the French artist Jérôme Pezzillo. In his work, the principles of aesthetics of several styles of painting were combined together, including pointalism, brutalism, impressionism and abstractionism. In terms of genre, the exposition is dominated by portraits and landscape painting: "Garden". Van Gogh, Cyclists. "By the Sea", "Interior of the Library".

The administration of the Les Echappees de L'art gallery sees one of the main tasks in its activities in solving the problem of the availability of paintings for a wide range of art lovers with a wide range of material incomes. For this reason, many of the paintings and drawings exhibited here can be purchased for a personal collection at a relatively low price.

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Getting there

Address: 99 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 75006
Phone: + 33 6 08 15 23 92
Metro: Saint-Placide, Falguiere
Bus: Place du 18 Juin 1940, Maine - Vaugirard
Hours: 11: 00-18: 30