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The art gallery Galerie Les Montparnos opened in a house on rue Stanislas in the heart of the Montparnasse hill district in 2009 thanks to the enthusiasm of Mathieu Le Bal. Prior to the creation of the gallery, after completing his art studies, he devoted many years to organizing auctions for Cornette de Saint Cyr, Sotheby's and working at the Wildenstein Institute.

The main specialization of Galerie Les Montparnos was the presentation of works of French painting of the Parisian school, created by artists in 1920-1930. Its goal is to rediscover the work of the “forgotten artists” of this period for the general public.

Its second important task was to promote the creativity of young painters taking their first steps in the art market. The artists rallied around a common idea strive to protect the freedom of creativity, its spiritual and sensual components, which give painting a unique beauty, power of expressiveness and elegance.

Numerous solo and thematic exhibitions are organized in the halls of Galerie Les Montparnos throughout the year. Its employees are also involved in preparing catalogs of works presented in the gallery, organizing creative conferences and establishing working contacts with large and regional art museums.

Among the newly discovered names of half-forgotten artists of the early 20th century. a worthy place is occupied by the artist of Italian origin Asolfo Zingaro. The works of one of the pillars of "living art" reveal the emotional foundations of his work, manifested in the pursuit of beauty.

The exhibition of paintings by Jean-Noel Selvi presented beautiful landscapes of the surroundings of the small village of Port-Puymorin, lost in the Pyrenees. Mountain peaks, endless forests and the Karol river valley inspired him to create amazing works of art. The work of designer and decorator David Seifert for La Coupole captures the spirit of the turbulent 1920s.

Operating in the gallery Galerie Les Montparnos since the beginning of 2018, the exhibition is dedicated to the work of Osip Lubitsch, who emigrated at the beginning of the 20th century. to France from Ukrainian Odessa. Made in the technique of gouache, engraving, drawing, 30 works of one of the brightest representatives of the Parisian school are saturated with tenderness in the perception of the surrounding world, expressed in symbolic form.

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Getting there

Address: 5 Rue Stanislas, Paris 75006
Phone: + 33 6 33 38 95 25
Website: www.galerielesmontparnos.com
Metro: Notre-Dame des Champs, Vavin
Bus: Notre-Dame des Champs
Hours: 11: 00-19: 00