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Making contemporary visual art accessible to the public and helping as many young artists as possible find their audience is the main goal of the art gallery opened by Galerie Magda Danysz over 20 years ago.

In the artistic concept of the gallery, its founders focused on atypical and innovative forms of art. Among the priorities of the exhibition are demonstrations in accessible ways of various areas of street art, video art, digital art. Contemporary photographs, videos, sculptures, installations, painting and other forms of artists' self-expression have firmly entered the sphere of professional interests of the gallery experts.

The activities of Galerie Magda Danysz helped to gain fame and achieve success for Miss Wang and Shepard Fairey (Obay), FUTURA, JonOne, who specialize in street art, Mark Ryden, Eric Wapyt, Marion Peck, representatives of American pop surrealism. Long-term partnership ties her with the sculptor Prune Nuri. Among the gallery's discoveries is the work of VHILS, talented in working with drills in wood, metal and paper.

In 2015, French photographer Charles Petillon presented his works from the Invasions series to the art community. Only for one of his composition, symbolizing fragility, Heartbeat, he needed 100 thousand white balloons fixed on a metal frame 54 m long.

The Portuguese-born Swedish artist André Saraiva specializes in installations and other forms of conceptual art. Among his works, the image of the fantastic city of Andrepolis in bright colors simultaneously reflected the features of New York and Paris.

The works of the Palestinian sculptor Abdul Katanani are dedicated to the theme of freedom, overcoming violence, war and poverty. In his work, he prefers to use hard materials like barbed wire and corrugated iron sheets.

The photographs by Chinese master Yang Yongliang reflect the effects of technological progress in his homeland over the past decades. Combining photography with calligraphy and traditional Shui-mo painting, he creates works in which there is a perfect balance between fragility and danger, beauty and cruelty.

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When promoting the art of these and other artists, the administration of the gallery actively interacts with foreign and international companies in the art business. Galerie Magda Danysz strives to be fully involved in major exhibitions like Arte Fiera in Bologna, Art Brussels, FIAC in Paris, Artissima in Turin or Pulse in New York. She became one of the four founders of the annual Paris art fair Show Off.

The fruitful work of Galerie Magda Danysz continues successfully outside France. She maintains strong partnerships with colleagues in many cities around the world, primarily in Turin, Los Angeles and New York. In the summer of 2009, under the patronage of Galerie Magda Danysz, a branch of MD contemporary art was opened in Shanghai, and in 2015, its division also appeared in London.

Thanks to its participation in many of the largest art exhibitions, the Magda Danisch Gallery offers collectors and art dealers an excellent selection of works from various artistic directions.

Getting there

Address: 78 Rue Amelot, Paris 75011
Phone: + 33 1 45 83 38 51
Metro: Richard-Lenoir, Filles du Calvaire, Chemin Vert
Hours: 11: 00-19: 00