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Galerie Marian Goodman was founded over 40 years ago and has served as a vital link between European and American contemporary art over the decades. Originally founded in New York in 1977, the gallery fosters creative contacts and strengthens business ties between artists, collectors and art dealers.

The Paris branch of the Marian Goodman Gallery opened its doors to connoisseurs of 20th century art. in 1995. After 4 years, he found the first permanent premises within the walls of an old hotel of the 17th century. "Montmore", located in the Parisian quarter of the Marais.

At the end of 2016, Gallery Marian Goodman received new opportunities to expand its work. Lovers of contemporary art had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of it by visiting a specialized store, and artists and sculptors found a new studio space for the presentation of their works, creative meetings and discussions.

For many years, the owner of the gallery, Marian Goodman, has been striving to maintain creative contacts with constant partners from recognized centers of contemporary art, and at the same time pays a lot of attention to artists and sculptors from still exotic countries.

In the halls of the gallery, personal and collective exhibitions of American artists were held with great success. Thanks to her, visitors to the exhibition hall had the opportunity to evaluate and purchase works by Saul Lewitt, Klaus Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, John Baldessari.

Art of the European continent of the 20th century. at the Marian Goodman Gallery, Giovanni Anselmo, Gerhardt Richter, Kristan Iglesias represented. Representatives of a wide variety of genres and trends took part in the creative biennale held by the gallery staff. Within its walls, temporary exhibitions housed photographs by Thomas Strout, sculptures by Thomas Schütte, Tony Cragg, and works by media artist Lothar Baumgarten.

Filmmakers Eyya Ahtila and Tacita Deen, animator Pierre Puyge, gamer Gabriel Orozco participated in the design of the exhibition space at the Marian Goodman Gallery in Paris. In an effort to fully reflect the modern processes in art, the gallery specialists invited Dan Vo, the author of installations from Vietnam, the Ethiopian abstractionist Julie Mehretu, and the South African puppeteer William Kentridge for cooperation.

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The endlessly diverse world of contemporary visual art appears before visitors to the Marian Goodman Gallery in Paris at times in completely unexpected and even shocking ways. Unusual techniques, materials and compositions give a "second wind" to seemingly outdated genres and plots of works.

The extraordinary creative language of the artist presented in the gallery helps to better understand the severity of the social problems involved, the fragility of the living world and awakens the ability to sympathy and empathy.

Getting there

Address: 79 rue du Temple, Paris 75003
Phone: + 33 1 48 04 70 52
Metro: Rambuteau
Hours: 11: 00-19: 00