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Created by artist and photographer Karel de Gondre, the “small gallery of great talents” Galerie Numéro 1 has been promoting contemporary visual arts since December 2013. The huge personal experience of participation in exhibitions of the gallery organizer allowed him to borrow the best achievements of his colleagues for his project.

Скромные размеры галереи, площадь выставочного зала которой составляет всего 23 м2, не стали препятствием для роста её популярности. Расположенная в центре 13 округа Парижа напротив цифрового центра Halle Freyssinet Galerie Numéro 1 стала удобным местом для встреч и творческого обмена опытом.

Художники, арт-дилеры, профессиональные коллекционеры и рядовые любители живописи собираются здесь ради общения, и возможности увидеть и приобрести новые оригинальные произведения искусства. Приоритет экспозиционной политики галереи касается изобразительного искусства конца 20 в. и начала нового столетия.

Галерея постоянно сотрудничает с Арлетт Жилерон-Продхомм, Алина, Карел де Гондре, Лео Шкапель, Стив Хаддад, Летиция де Голль и организует персональные и тематические выставки с их участием, экспозиция которых обновляется каждые два месяца. На стендах и постаментах выставочных залов галереи демонстрируется декоративно-прикладное искусство современности и видео-арт, литографии и фотографии, скульптура и живопись.

In the spring, the art gallery hosted the Voyage Voyages exhibition, which was opened in the presence of the Icelandic Ambassador to France, KA Stefansson. The light colorful photographs and paintings presented on it are dedicated to the nature and people of this country.

The Italian artist and illustrator Massimiliano Esposito presented the series "Rooms of a Little Boy" to the gallery's visitors at his solo exhibition. Their strange labyrinths with endless arches and colonnades symbolize childhood dreams and the search for his ego. M. Esposito is also widely known as a master of fresco monumental painting, samples of which were also displayed in the gallery using modern technology.

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The goal of British sculptor and graphic artist Rob Wheatley is to convey the beauty of movement. A circus performance, dance, plasticity of the female body became his favorite motive in his works. In some of his works, one can feel the deliberate roughness of the poses, their intimacy or fantasy. The artist's attention is riveted to the hands and feet of his models, whose movements are filled with tenderness and sensuality.

Galerie Numéro 1 fully supports gifted artists and helps them to popularize their art. She regularly takes part in international art fairs and publishes exhibition catalogs. The gallery's specialists offer to interested persons services for the temporary rental of works of art from its collection.

Getting there

Address: 151 Rue du Chevaleret, Paris 75013
Phone: + 33 6 08 54 75 29
Metro: Chevaleret, Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
RER train: Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
Hours: 14: 00-19: 00