Openspace Gallery in Paris

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The Openspace Gallery is one of the most popular exhibition halls in Paris, where every visitor will get a clear idea of ​​the modern trends of fine art and the work of its bright representatives. It is located on Richard Lenoir Boulevard between the squares of the Bastille and the Republic.

The gallery was opened in 2012 thanks to the joint actions of its founders and owners Samantha Longa and Nicolas Chenus. Before creating the gallery, they gained invaluable experience in the galleries of Paris, in publishing editions of contemporary art magazines.

Since 2015, it has been located on an area of ​​240 m2 in four halls located on three floors of the building. At the beginning of 2019, it reopened after the renovation of the halls, which changed the exhibition space.

Light walls and dark brown floors emphasize and accentuate paintings and sculptures. The unusual structure of the ceilings made of white painted stone blocks demonstrates an ascetic design style.

The works presented here belong to the most diverse areas and genres of painting, graphics and sculpture. Collages, sculptures, paintings on canvas and various forms of street art have found their place in the halls of the gallery.

Employees of the Openspace Gallery keep in touch with several hundred artists from many countries of the world and invite you to participate in openings and personal exhibitions in the gallery. She gave Parisians the opportunity to appreciate the skills of Ron Muk, Sophie Calle, Stefan Moscato, Know Hope, Augustin Kofi, Doze Green and Nychos.

In the spring of 2019, the gallery introduced the new Levalett Ellipse exhibition. The 36 exhibited paintings depict the results of the latest creative research of the author. Attitude to time, death, to oneself and other people, the environment and life's trials - these are questions that concern the artist, to which he seeks to find the answer and convey it to the viewer.

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The gallery is happy to collaborate with artists who have successfully proven themselves in other art forms. In the summer of 2018, it hosted an exhibition of street art Transmissions (Future, recollections) by American hip-hop legend and The Rocky Study frontman Doze Green. The synthesis of the nature of dance and popular culture gave rise to drawings in his work, which capture every moment of movement.

Each exhibition in the gallery is accompanied by the publication of a catalog dedicated to its theme or the work of an individual artist. A newsletter published by its employees helps to keep abreast of events taking place and upcoming in the world of art.

Original works of art. Completed by the permanent residents of the gallery, are on sale in the open store with her. Here, street art lovers choose books, albums and periodicals devoted to all manifestations of the modern creative process to their taste and preferences.

Getting there

Address: 116 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris 75011
Phone: + 33 9 80 66 63 94
Metro: Oberkampf
Bus: Oberkampf Richard Lenoir, JP Timbaud- Richard Lenoir
Hours: 14: 00-19: 00