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Untilthen Art Gallery is located in the middle of the Saint-Ouen flea market on Magenta Boulevard. Its founders and owners Melanie Rondo and Alex Brossar chose this area because of the attractiveness of foreign tourists and collectors who are looking to discover original works of art here. They hope that visitors to the gallery will be attentive to its exposition and the work of the artists represented in it.

Untilthen Gallery opened in the area on September 9, 2017. It is housed in a former production facility with an area of ​​500 m2 with open beams of the ceiling and glazed gable roof. About 40 m2 designed for creative experiments, which can be rented by each of the artists and sculptors collaborating with the gallery.

The concept of the gallery implies creating a comfortable atmosphere for artists and collectors. In its hall no more than 4-6 exhibitions are organized per year. The rest of the time, its owners devote themselves to organizing creative meetings with artists, professional seminars and negotiating with parties interested in promoting contemporary art.

Dozens of artists have become permanent partners of the Untilthen Gallery over the years of its work, the number of which is constantly growing. In its halls, the works of Douglas Gordon, Robert Barry, Diogo Pimentao, Joan Jonas, Jill Magid, Paul Lee, Lady Dallul, Alin Bozbichu, Melissa Dubbin and Gael Schwain were demonstrated to inquisitive Parisians and professionals.

The young Romanian artist Alin Bozbichu prefers to create works with homely and intimate subjects. Many of his paintings in the foreground depict animals living next to a person. The English painter Jonathan Monk made his debut on the international art scene in 1991 year. In his work, he borrows stories from the classics of fine art and puts his own context in them, accompanying this process with mockery and humor.

American Jill Magid seeks to thoroughly explore the interface between art and everyday life, focusing on absurd situations and the existential state involved in the structures of state power, the army and the police. The work of video art pioneer Joan Yonas is distinguished by the author's inner self-reflection, she often uses creative quotes from the works of her colleagues. The visual range of her works is inhabited by bizarre creatures from dreams.

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Many artists who collaborate with Untilthen Gallery reflect pessimism and claustrophobia in their works reflect the pressing problems of our time, using innovative materials and forms.

By organizing personal and collective exhibitions, the gallery staff strives to captivate casual visitors to the exhibition hall with modern fine art. They bring to their attention an extraordinary creative interpretation of facts, historical and social processes and phenomena that are familiar and well known to every person.

Getting there

Address: 41 Boulevard de Magenta, Paris 75010
Phone: + 33 1 53 20 16 84
Website: untilthen.fr
Metro: Château d'Eau, Jacques Bonsergent, Gare de l'Est
RER train: Gare de l'Est
Hours: 11: 00-18: 30