Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta) in Verona

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Most tourists go to Verona to see Juliet's famous house. According to legend, the same Juliet from Shakespeare's tragic play lived here. Here you can make a wish, leave a note with the name of your loved one and feel the romantic atmosphere of the house-museum of the beautiful heroine.

There are three places in Verona that belong to Shakespeare's work. These are Juliet's house, Romeo's house and Juliet's tomb.

The history of the origin of Juliet's house

The house, originally built in the 13th century, was owned by the wealthy Dal Cappello family. Yes, it is from here that the surname of the Capulet family in Shakespeare's tragedy originates.

In 1667, the house was sold to the Rizzardi family, after which the owners of the house changed several times. For some time, the famous building even housed an inn. Further, in 1907, the building was bought by the local administration in order to make a museum in the house.

Juliet's House in Verona


Restoration work on the building began only in 1936, when George Cukor's film Romeo and Juliet was released. From that moment on, the cultural and historical interest in the house increased so much that the building had to be urgently brought into a romantic look, befitting of Shakespeare's tragedy.

As a museum, the house was opened to everyone in 1997.

Modern time

Of course, Juliet's house is usually full of visitors and lovers. Someone comes here to ask fate to find a soul mate, and someone - to find happiness and long-term love with their beloved or beloved.

The architecture of the Capulet house

Since 1936, the house has been repeatedly renovated and supplemented with many decorative elements. So on the brick facade, decorations appeared in the form of Gothic frames for the entrance arch and windows, and on one of the walls of the house, Juliet's balcony was created. A board was placed under the balcony, on which the lines of a Shakespearean play were engraved.

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Changes also affected the inner courtyard itself, which was decorated with elements shown in the Cukor film: a battlement wall and a column under the balcony.

The interior decoration of the house was complemented by artistic ornaments from the Tronchetto era, and real frescoes of the 15th century flaunt on the walls. Furniture and ceramics are also made in the style of that era. In addition to this, the courtyard also contained a bronze statue of Juliet by Nereo Costantini.

What to see

Walk through the house, museum and patio, leave notes and kiss your loved one on Juliet's balcony. And you will feel how your love grows even stronger.

Museum in the house of the Capulet

In the Capulet house, everything remained the same as in the 15th century. The interior is filled with many arches and columns, the walls are decorated with real frescoes. There are paintings of Romeo and Juliet, as well as stills from Cukor's film. One of the rooms contains the famous painting by Francesco Ayets "The Last Kiss (Farewell of Romeo to Juliet)".

The third floor of the museum houses Juliet's bedroom and a fireplace room. Above the fireplace you can see a marble image of a hat - the one that symbolizes the Cappello family.

Juliet's bedroom is decorated with scenery from the film by Franco Zeffirelli.

Juliet's balcony

Many tourists strive to get exactly on Juliet's balcony, because here the famous declaration of love, described by Shakespeare in the tragedy, took place.

Juliet's housePhoto: kavalenkava / Shutterstock.com

An authentic carved slab from the 14th century was used to build the balcony. It is believed that it is necessary not only to go out to this balcony, but also to kiss your loved one. Then the lovers will always be together.

Juliet statue

According to popular beliefs, the statue of Juliet is of the greatest interest. To find happiness in love, you need to touch the right chest of the statue.

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Not surprisingly, over time, the sculpture of the heroine of the Shakespearean play in the courtyard had to be replaced with a copy. The original statue has been in the Capulet House Museum since 2014.

Arch of desires

If you go to the courtyard, you will see the arch of wishes, where tourists in love leave notes with the names of their beloved ones. Although it is already difficult to find a place for a note on the arch of wishes, try attaching a small note to achieve a long and happy relationship with the person whose name you put on the paper.

At the same time, you cannot glue the note on the walls of the house overlooking the courtyard. There is even a fine of 500 Euros for this.

All notes can only be left on the walls of the arch.

Juliet's housePhoto: Malachit / Shutterstock.com

How to write a letter to Juliet

If you want to not only leave a note on the Arch of Desires, but also send a letter to Juliet personally, then there are mailboxes in the house for this. It is also possible to send an email to Juliet by email in a dedicated computer room.

All messages are received by volunteers of the public organization Club di Giulietta, who respond to the letters of the lovers. In a letter, you can tell your love story and ask Juliet for advice.


Every year on September 16, the house celebrates “Juliet's Birthday”, when scenes from the play are played out and the whole city is immersed in a colorful celebration.

On Valentine's Day (February 14), performances by the authors of the most romantic love letters are held here.

Where to buy Juliet souvenirs

If you exit the patio through the gift shop, you can buy souvenirs and gifts for lovers. For example, aprons and beautiful towels, bed linen, mugs, souvenirs with the names of the heroes of the Shakespearean play and various ornaments in the form of hearts.

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As for the prices for souvenirs, here they are higher than in shops in the city. So, a magnet will cost about 3 Euros, and a towel 6 Euros. On the other hand, the selection of gifts in Juliet's house is much greater. Also, the seller will beautifully design your gift, which will always remind you and your loved ones of the most romantic place in Italy!


According to legends, Juliet's house is a must-visit for all lovers if they want to find eternal love. Here, every place is enveloped in a romantic aura.

Do not forget to kiss on the balcony with your loved one and touch the statue of Juliet.

The most romantic-minded lovers can organize a wedding at Juliet's house. The newlyweds put on the costumes of Juliet and Romeo, and after the ceremony they are given a marriage certificate with the signatures of Montague and Capulet. However, the cost of a wedding in Juliet's house is over 700 Euros. But eternal love with such a certificate is guaranteed!

How to get to Juliet's house

Juliet's house is located in the historic center of the city. It is easy to find if you follow Via Capello from Piazza del Erbe. The house is located at Via Cappello, 23, Casa Di Giulietta.

You can get to Juliet's house by tram number 73, it stops at St.ne S. Fermo 2. Also routes number 11, 12, 13, 30, 31, 51, 52 go in this direction.

Visiting hours

You can see Juliet's house:

  • from 8.30 to 19.30 on all days of the week, except Monday;
  • on Monday - from 13.30 to 19.30.

Official website of Juliet's House: casadigiulietta.comune.verona.it.