Bagatti Valsecca House Museum in Milan

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At the end of the 18th century, in the center of Milan, the family of aristocrats Bagatti-Valsecchi settled in the house they inherited. The brothers Fausto and Giuseppe laid the foundation for a collection of medieval weapons, armor, paintings, household items, and furniture. The mansion was refurbished by them in the manner of the 16th century Renaissance. Generations of the family have increased the collections, and in 1994 a private museum was opened in the house.

The Bagatti Valsecca Museum in Milan cannot boast of masterpieces collected in other museums in Milan. But the combination of a perfectly preserved interior and a well-chosen collection of antiques pleasantly surprises visitors. The collection of exhibits also has its own "zest". For example, if you look closely at the discreet, dim painting by Bevilacqua "Madonna and Child", you will be surprised to see that precious stones, sparkling in the rays of light, are woven into its basis.

The owners of the house set a goal to collect artifacts from different eras under their roof. And they succeeded. For a long time, the family of Italian barons lived among their collections, which they collected for a long 30 years. That is why here the spirit and atmosphere of Italy of the 16th century are intricately intertwined with electric lighting, gas, and plumbing. The museum owes its modern history to the son of Giuseppe Bagatti-Valsecchi, who first organized a foundation in his own name, and then opened the museum, transferring the mansion to the city.

Take a break from the bustling streets of Milan in Bagatti Valsecchi

Tired of the colorful boutiques and shops of the center of Milan, shopping and numerous purchases, you can go under the cool arches of the Bagatti Valsecca house-museum and plunge into the silence of spacious halls and rooms. Marble floors, high vaulted ceilings, each room is decorated in its own way with collections of frescoes, sculptures, furniture, paintings, ancient weapons, dishes, fireplaces, chandeliers, ivory figurines, majolica.

Here you can see a library with a starry ceiling, look at old globes, books, arranged in the same way as a hundred years ago. In the large living room, where the family celebrated all the celebrations, admire the huge fresco by the artist Antonio Boselli, dating from 1495. No one remains indifferent to the collection of armor and weapons of medieval knights located on the ground floor.

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In the bedroom of Fausto, who was lonely and loved entertainment, on the ceiling you can see the family coat of arms, and above the carved headboard there is a polyptych with the Madonna and Child by Giampietrino. The gallery of labyrinths, leading to half of the family Giuseppe, makes the photographers lie flat on the floor in order to place a long saying in Latin into the camera lenses:

"PRINCIPIUM EST PLUSQUAM DIMIDIUM SED NOSCE TE IPSUM ET CONSULE ANTE FACTUM", about knowing yourself and the need for action, so as not to stop at the very beginning of any business.

The Bagatti-Valsecchi brothers were lawyers who were famous people in Milan. The museum was opened in memory of them, preserved their heritage, allows any tourist to enjoy the charm of the Renaissance in silence, remaining alone with history in uncrowded halls.

The Bagatti Valsecca House Museum is open to visitors at Via Gesù, 5, 20121 Milano, Italy from 13:00 to 17:45.

Ticket price - 9 €, for privileged categories of tourists - 6 €.