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The name of Gustave Moreau, an artist and painter, is well known to Parisians and residents of France. There are many museums in the city that keep the canvases of famous painters within their walls. One of these museums is the House-Museum of Gustave Moreau (Musee national Gustave-Moreau). It was here that the painter wished to leave most of his works for review by the succeeding generations, carefully combining them, and independently arranging them in the desired sequence.

The creative path of Gustave Moreau

The famous artist was born in Paris in 1826, and here he spent all his years doing what he loved, giving the world beautiful paintings. Once visiting the Salons fashionable for the 19th century, Gustave Moreau presented his canvases to the general public, thereby declaring himself as an artist.

House-Museum of Gustave Moreau8

Since then, representatives of high circles of Parisian society have become interested in his talent. Over time, the quality of the paintings and their semantic content allowed Gustave Moreau to become one of the members of the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris and to take over the management of a painting workshop.

House-Museum of Gustave Moreau1

In fact, this was the only source of income for the artist, since he was jealous of his paintings and practically did not sell them, trying to keep all his canvases in his house. Therefore, today Moro's paintings are almost impossible to find at exhibitions, only the Louvre and the Orsay Museum can present to the public several of the author's creations.

Painting by Gustave Moreau

Moreau's paintings are very original and ambiguous, made according to all the rules of symbolism. For their better understanding, a verbal interpretation is simply necessary, which allows to fully reveal the essence of the author's ideas, reflections and worldview.

House-Museum of Gustave Moreau7

Nevertheless, Moreau's works have their own special style, the expression of which the author achieved by using a technique that was universal and complex for his era. For each new work, the artist himself carefully mixed the paints, which contributed to the manifestation of an unusual shimmer after applying them to the canvas. This technique distinguishes Moreau's paintings from the works of his predecessors.

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House-Museum of Gustave Moreau4

The artist's works were appreciated by the elite of Paris and brought the author real popularity among connoisseurs of beauty and art, despite the fact that at this time symbolism gave way to fashionable impressionism.

House of Gustave Moreau: Museum in Museum

Gustave Moreau died in 1898, leaving his followers not only a large collection of beautiful paintings, but also bequeathed all his property to his beloved city. During his lifetime, he tried to open an art museum in his home. He collected not only a large collection of his paintings, sketches, but also canvases of famous painters, many sculptures, pieces of furniture and everyday use.

House-Museum of Gustave Moreau5

However, the artist did not manage to realize his idea during his lifetime, since the house itself and its entire collection, according to those ideas, were not included in the concept of a museum and a museum exposition. After Moreau's death, the owner of all his property, including paintings and real estate, became the property of the Paris mayor's office - so the creator himself wished. Over time, the painter's house received a new status, becoming a house-museum, which contains the largest collection of Moreau's paintings.

House-Museum of Gustave Moreau6

The Gustave Moreau House Museum occupies two floors. The walls of the first floor are densely hung with the artist's completed works, among which the most famous are Jupiter and Semele, The Phenomenon, and Unicorns. Almost all works convey biblical stories. For a better understanding of them, the artist himself wrote descriptions for the paintings. In the museum, they are presented in two languages: English or French. Here, along the entire floor, there are easels with unfinished works and sketches by the author.

House-Museum of Gustave Moreau7

On the second floor, the artist has placed his own collection of paintings by famous artists, sculptures, antique furniture, collected over many years of life and work.

Getting there

Address: 14 Rue de la Rochefoucauld, Paris 75009

Phone: + 33 1 48 74 38 50
Metro: Trinité, Saint Georges, Pigalle
Bus: 26, 32, 43, 67, 68, 74, 81
Opening hours: 10: 00-12: 45, 14: 00-17: 00, except Tuesday