Museum of the Rise of Cars in Moscow

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If for a moment you want to go back to parallel reality, you can visit the museum of the uprising of cars in Tekstilshchiki, because such a trip will be remembered for a long time without any doubts. This created world is not run by man at all, but by mechanisms endowed with artificial intelligence.

A visitor to this entertaining, fascinating institution will be able to get to know the many heroes of the world famous blockbusters from Hollywood creators or their favorite cartoons, comics and so on. The museum is a true futuristic world, the inhabitants of which are the characters of science fiction films embodied in real size from real metal.

All the expositions presented are made by the creators according to the principle, which is expressed in the fact that ordinary materials suitable for recycling can become a subject of art art recycle.

The exhibition is rightfully considered to be the largest among analogues representing metal structures of this magnitude for consideration. The attention of visitors is attracted not only by amazing giant exhibits, but also by the original design of the premises, complemented by unusual musical accompaniment, as well as a lighting solution.

Traditionally, the project becomes a participant in all kinds of thematic exhibitions, city festivals and other significant cultural events. The opening of the Moscow branch dates back to 2017 year.

The building where the exhibition is located is built in the shape of a flying alien saucer. The architectural design used as a construction plan is unique. He has no analogues.

The interior of the Museum of the Rise of Machines in Tekstilshchiki is divided into fourteen halls of various subjects. The total area of ​​the exhibition center is two thousand square meters. Among the main advantages of this entertainment project, one can single out a symbiosis of such advantages as:

  1. Bright, stylish design of interior rooms. This design helps the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the future, where robots rule.
  2. Properly selected sound, as well as light accompaniment, which is individually designed for each individual room.
  3. The space of the exhibition is filled with realistic exhibits, among which only well-known, beloved characters of popular cartoons, as well as films. All heroes are made in full growth.
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The Moscow Museum offers its visitors a closer look at the characters of Minions, Aliens, Transformers, Predator, Star Wars, and so on. As a rule, most of the expositions are borrowed from adaptations that belong to the category of myths, horrors, science fiction, Russian fairy tales, etc.

Therefore, after the interested user understands where the museum of the uprising of cars is located, he tries to determine whether he will be interested there. It is worth noting that the exhibition is designed for an audience of different ages.

Why the Museum of the Rise of Machines is Unique

A whole group of professional animators dressed in various themed costumes will work separately for children. The child can also visit a separate tour or a master class, as well as play a table-roboring. Age restrictions are completely absent, so adult visitors can also feel like children.

Each visitor will no doubt be able to choose their favorite sculpture, which will relate to a particular cartoon, film, comic book. Unusual sculptures will be of particular interest to fans of robotics. Every visitor here will look for something for themselves.

The halls have nothing to do with boring museums. Here you can speak loudly and laugh, run, take pictures, touch a certain part of the exhibits. It was for this purpose that the Museum of the Rise of the Machines opened in Moscow to give positive emotions.

A huge number of interactive exhibits are offered to the attention of the audience, among which there is a holographic suit “shot” from an iron man, a show played by laser harps, musical instruments from the future, Tesla coils, as well as equipment used to create projections, special effects.

Everyone can also use the services of an individual audio guide, which is available and will tell in detail the history of each sculpture.

In addition, a visitor to the museum can use the local mail. The recipient of such a message will receive a postcard with the return address of the interactive museum of the uprising of cars, which will certainly surprise him.

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The interior space is divided into fourteen halls, which differ from each other in themes, as well as lighting and sound design, which directly depends on the cartoon or film adaptation being illuminated. The most popular sections are:

  1. The Autobot Hall presents the visitor with a team of powerful transformers who often become participants in special operations and sabotage in their fantasy world. All sculptures differ in size. For example, one of the smallest robots named Bumblebee has a height of only five meters and a weight of about 500 kilograms. However, according to the plot, power is far from his hobby; he has to think more and look for logical solutions to situations.
  2. Decepticons are striking in their power. For example, their main character named Megatron is the main anti-hero of a story told about Cybertron. The character does not go to diplomatic negotiations, he creates insidious, cunning plans and starts a war. Thus, the interactive museum of the uprising of cars in Moscow is a haven for not only positive, but also negative fantastic personalities.
  3. The animal room invites you to get acquainted with various mythical animals. Pegasus, that is, a horse with wings, occupies the main place among them. The guide will talk about the options for the emergence of legends about the animal.
  4. The Terminator room is also popular with adults and children. Inside the room are the two main characters T-600 and T-800. The viewer will be able to get acquainted with the differences between the two species, as well as take pictures with famous heroes of the famous film, rattled around the world.

If the user does not know how to get to the museum of the uprising of cars, he needs to use the information stored on the official website of the exhibition center. Among the other equally popular rooms, it is worth highlighting those where there are sculptures of characters participating in Star Wars, the Iron Man trilogy, and so on.

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For the smallest, the creators of this wonderful place have provided the hall "Russian Fairy Tales" and "Cartoons". Here, children can have fun with funny animators dressed in themed costumes, or become participants in exciting master classes at a symbolic cost.

Thus, the Museum of the Rise of the Machines in Moscow is a great place to spend extraordinary, unusual leisure. The place is ideal for both family vacations and hiking with friends. Usually such an event takes about two hours. The countdown starts from the moment the visitor gets inside a fantastic flying saucer, which visually looks like a real flying object, which is about to come off the earth and go on a long space journey.

Address and how to get there

In Moscow, the Museum of the Rise of the Machines is located at Volgograd Avenue 42 Avenue, 2 Building.