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The Kumu Museum in Tallinn is considered one of the four branches of the Estonian Museum of Art. Today it is one of the most attractive cultural attractions of the Estonian capital for foreign tourists. The museum owes this name to the abbreviation of Estonian words “KUnstiMUuseum”, which means a museum of art.

The museum building was built in the middle of the 2000's according to the project of the Finnish architect Pekka Vapavuori, who won the tender in the 1994 year. Among the museums of the North European countries, it is considered one of the largest. In 2008, Kumu was awarded the prize of the European Museum Forum.

The museum presents the most complete collection of Estonian art exhibits to date, from the 18th century, including the Soviet period, until 1991. Among the works in the exhibition halls of the museum, works of socialist realism, contemporary Estonian art, and works made in the underground style coexist calmly.

What's inside

But the most interesting exhibits in the museum are on the second floor. Here, an exposition of art objects operates on a permanent basis, covering the period from the 18th century to 1945. But sometimes on this floor, in the format of temporary exhibitions, works by European masters of contemporary art in the style of impressionism and surrealism are exhibited. So, at the beginning of this year on the 2nd floor there was an exposition of works by the famous Belgian author Paul Delvaux.

Artifacts from the Soviet period (1945-1991 years) await visitors on the third floor.

And the fourth and fifth floor is given to the style of art - Art Nouveau.

For those who are seriously interested in the Kumu Museum in Tallinn, visit the official website kumu.ekm.ee.

The cost of visiting the museum is now 8 EUR, as part of the tourist group 6 EUR. Do not save on buying an audio guide at 3,2 EUR at the museum’s box office. You can familiarize yourself with it in more detail with everything related to the museum, its history, and its exhibits.

How to get to the Kumu Museum

Once in Tallinn for the first time, you should get by any means of transport to the Kadriorg park, which is well-known to everyone in the city, next to which there is an entrance to the basement of the museum, where there is a small cozy cafe.

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Trams 1 and 3 will take you to the park. Of the buses on this route go No. 31, 39, 67, 68. The stop is called exactly the same as the museum.

From the historical center of Tallinn, the Kumu Art Museum can also be reached on foot in 30-35 minutes. Admirers of traditional and contemporary art should include in their schedule familiarization with medieval Tallinn at 2-2,5 hours. That is how much time on average a visit to this museum takes.

Using your own or rented transport it will be more convenient to get to the Lasnamäe guarded paid parking lot. Very close is the entrance to the first floor, where there is a restaurant, a second-hand bookstore. Outer clothing is available in the spacious lobby. Temporary exhibitions of works by contemporary Estonian and European artists and sculptors are almost regularly held in this wing.