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Most people are skeptical about magic, but back in childhood we all believed in miracles. Adults do not see what a children's unbiased look can catch. As if in response, the illusionists will show them in practice how elusive a magical moment can be. See for yourself, try to solve the mystery of the magician by visiting the one of a kind Museum of Magic in Paris.

Mysterious Mansion

As far back as the 17th century, Paris became a favorite place for numerous wandering magicians and conjurers who performed on the Pont Neuf near St. Paul Street (in the Marais quarter). It is here that there is an old vaulted building entirely made of stone. Once the mansion belonged to the Marquis de Sade - an unsurpassed philosopher and master of words. This man devoted his life to the struggle for absolute freedom, without any moral, religious or other restrictions of the individual. Agree, at that distant time, this truly noble goal of life was a rarity.

museum of magic

Since 1993 of the year in the basement of the mansion is the famous Academy of Magic, where you can see firsthand the objects of the marvelous art of illusion. The main part of the museum’s exposition is an author’s collection, collected throughout life by the famous illusionist Georges Proust. A teacher by training, he was fond of juggling, but soon, realizing his true calling, he took up the art of magic.

Starting from the 1960 of the year, he carefully searched for the rarest objects of art in antique shops, and soon his collection of "graceful gizmos" reached unprecedented proportions. In 1993, Georges Proust received the Illusionist of the Year Award. Rumor has it that the famous magician can often be found in the hall of the museum, without a doubt, he will be extremely happy to tell any traveler about his collection.

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A wonderful journey

Here the impossible is really possible - and all the usual laws here are powerless. Welcome to the mysterious world of illusion! Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of true magic at the Paris Museum of Magic. An exciting journey begins with an original invitation from an imp sitting astride a fountain pen. Further paved steps lead down, and soon you will find yourself in an old vaulted basement.

Museum of Magic2

The first thing that will surprise you is the 20 minute performance in a small theater and a dozen original illusions that you have to unravel. You still will not have time to recover from what you saw, as an old magician (perhaps Georges Proust himself) will take you by the hand and lead you through the vaulted hall, pointing to various magical objects and simultaneously telling their story:

  • These are the details of one of the best illusions of Robert-Uden, set back in the distant 1850 year. During the performance “Soaring on the Air” - his son ceased to obey the law of gravity and began to levitate smoothly on stage. By the way, this number marked the beginning of a whole kind of skilled magicians.
  •  In front of you is a giant vase - a sharp sweep of the curtain, and a girl appears in it. One more stroke, and the vase turns into a beautiful flowering bush! An ingenious performance from the early 20th century by magician De Vera. The vase has been perfectly preserved to this day and stands in its place, despite its honorable age.
  • The magic chair of Buitiers de Colt, the one who sits on it, will certainly disappear in no time. This trick has remained a mystery to everyone.
  • The human sawing table is a legacy from the famous Howard Thorston. The performance was first shown at the beginning of the 20th century, where the illusionist sawed the assistant in half, and then spread the two halves of the table to prove the effect of the spell.
  • Magic mirrors. In one of the halls you will certainly be surprised to see how distorted your reflection in the mirror can become.
  • Also in the Museum of Magic you will see various attributes of illusionists of the late 19th - early 20th century. Fortune-telling balls, magic wands, caskets with secrets, posters, old brochures and much more.
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Museum of Magic3

It is also worth noting that in the same building with the Academy of Magic is located Museum of Automata, where a variety of objects and mechanisms from all over the world are collected. Most of them are just toys, but not all.

Cost of visit: for adults - 12 EUR, for kids - 9 EUR. (the price includes a visit to the Museum of Magic and the Museum of Automata)

Getting there

Address: 11 Rue Saint-Paul, Paris 75004

Phone: + 33 1 42 72 13 26
Metro: Sully Morkand, St. Paul
Hours: 10: 30 - 19: 00

Ticket prices

  • Adult: 9 €
  • Child: 7 €