Szentendre Marzipan Museum

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Marzipan is a famous sweet treat made from ground almonds and powdered sugar. Until now, it is not known exactly which country is his homeland: France, Italy, Germany or Estonia. Nevertheless, marzipan sweets are loved in all countries.

The marzipan museum is located on the second floor. The first houses a confectionery, which produces new exhibits and sweets for sale.

Museum building

A bit of history

In 1994, a museum dedicated to this sweet was opened in the small Hungarian town of Szentendre. The founder of the museum, the culinary specialist Szabo, personally made many of the exhibits for the collection. The idea of ​​a marzipan exhibition came to him by chance: to attract buyers to his pastry shop, he made a marzipan figurine depicting a character from a popular cartoon.

The sweet tooth liked it so much that people began to come from other cities to admire the unusual craft made from delicacies. After that, the culinary specialist sculpted several more cartoon characters, and a little later a whole museum with marzipan exhibits was created.

Tasty parliament building

Delicious exposition of marzipans

The museum has a huge collection of marzipans. Guests can admire:

  • the marzipan building of the Hungarian Parliament (the weight of this specimen is 60 kg);
  • a gorgeous wedding cake decorated with exquisite decor;
  • figurines in the form of fairy-tale and cartoon characters;
  • marzipan portraits of royalty;
  • and even a figurine depicting the King of Pop Michael Jackson

The most intricate work, consisting of miniature details, arouse admiration for the skill of the pastry chefs. Those wishing to look not only at the finished exhibits, but also at the process of making wonderful figurines from marzipan mass, can visit the confectionery located at the museum. Here, in the hands of experienced chefs, nuts and sugar are transformed into beautiful masterpieces that can be tasted. Visitors can buy and take these figurines with them as souvenirs and sweet gifts.

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How goodies are made

Szentendre is located just 20 km from Budapest. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Hungary, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Marzipan Museum and taste this wonderful delicacy.

Tourist information

The Marzipan Museum in Szentendre is located at Dumtsa Jenő utca 12.

It receives visitors from 9 am to 7 pm, and in summer until 8 pm. The ticket price is 450 forints, but for students and pensioners, visiting the museum will cost less - 300 forints.