Museum-estate of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev in the village of Boblovo

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The Boblovo Estate Museum is located in the Boblovo village of the same name in the Voroninsky rural settlement of the Klinsky district of the Moscow region. Now the estate, together with the Shakhmatovo and Tarakanovo estates located in the neighboring villages, is part of the Memorial Museum-Reserve of D.I.Mendeleev and A.A. Blok.

The history of the estate

The territory of the estate in the 17-19 centuries belonged to the noblemen Molozheninov, after which it changed several owners. For a long time it was owned by a representative of the Georgian princely family E. A. Dadiani (in the Russian tradition - Dadianov). In 1865, a young professor at St. Petersburg University, Dmitry Mendeleev, bought the estate in half with his colleague Nikolai Ilyin. The purchase price is 8 rubles, while Mendeleev later admitted that he would not have sold the estate even for 000.

Every year from the moment of purchase until his death, Mendeleev spent the summer months here. For a comfortable life, the scientist himself developed a new project for the estate with the latest technology. Under his leadership, in 1869, a stone residential building with a laboratory was erected. Professor Ilyin chose a stone house built in the early 19th century by the former owners. Later, he ceded the second part of the estate and his house to a relative of Mendeleev, Professor Ya. Smirnov.

The arable land of the estate was completely turned into a test field for experiments with mineral fertilizers. Mendeleev's successes in this field were so great that outstanding scientists-agronomists of their time came here to gain experience. Other famous visitors to the estate were A. Kuindzhi, I. Shishkin, I. Kramskoy, I. Repin and other Itinerant artists.

Due to the divorce from his ex-wife and marriage to Anna Popova, Mendeleev and his new wife left the estate for a while. Finally, the Mendeleev couple returned to the estate in 1889. Since by this time they already had three children, it was decided to build a new residential building on the territory of the estate. A garden with exotic plants was arranged near the house.

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Over the years, the estate grew - the scientist's relatives settled here. Professor A. N. Beketov lived in the neighboring estate Shakhmatovo, located 7 km from Boblovo. His grandson, the future poet A. Blok, often visited Boblovo and took part in local theatrical performances in a specially built shed theater. It was then that Blok met Mendeleev's daughter from his second marriage, Any, who in the future became his wife. The newlyweds lived in Boblovo every summer until the death of Mendeleev.

What's inside

Unfortunately, time did not spare most of the buildings in the estate. After the revolution of 1917, the first house of Mendeleev was transferred to the department of the Sogolevsky village council and was dismantled, a year later the second house of the scientist and the shed theater burned down in a fire. Of the main buildings of the estate, only the house of the Ilyin-Smirnovs survived, which by that time had been turned into a school. The garden, designed by the artists Kuindzhi and Yaroshenko, also remained untouched.

Since 1984, the estate has been turned into a museum-reserve dedicated to the life of the scientist and his work. In recent years, there has been talk about the restoration of the scientist's residential buildings, but so far no concrete actions have been taken in this direction.

Mendeleev Museum

Despite the modest size of the museum, its expositions are quite rich - in total, 284 items related to the life of a scientist are stored and exhibited in the museum's funds. Both expositions of the Mendeleev Museum are open in the Ilyin-Smirnovs' house - the only one that has survived on the estate.

The first exposition is called "Mendeleevskoe Boblovo" and is dedicated to the life of the scientist in the estate, his activities on the basis of science, personal items of the scientist, photographs are exhibited here. The history of Mendeleev's first and second marriage is also presented in detail, briefly tells about the life of his children and in detail - about the acquaintance and marriage of Lyubov Mendeleeva and Alexander Blok.

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The second exposition is called "Family treasures are returning", here you can see the surviving household tools, but the main crown of the hall is the models of the destroyed buildings in which Mendeleev lived with his family, as well as the model of the estate territory.

Contact Information

Location: v. Boblovo, Klinsky district, Moscow region.

Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 09:00 - 17:30, the ticket office stops selling tickets at 17:00. Monday and Tuesday are days off.


  • to the Mendeleevskoe Boblovo exhibition - 50 RUR for an adult ticket, 40 RUR for a reduced price, 70 RUR for foreign citizens;
  • exposition "Family treasures are back" - 30 RUR for adults, 25 RUR for a discount, 50 RUR for foreigners;
  • entrance to the estate - 30 RUR, 25 RUR, 50 RUR for foreigners;
  • complex ticket - 110 RUR, 90 RUR reduced, 270 RUR - for foreigners;
  • accompaniment by an audio guide in Russian - 150 RUR, audio guide in a foreign language - 300 RUR;
  • amateur photography on the territory - 100 RUR.

How to get to Bablovo

To get to the estate by car, you need to leave Moscow along the Leningradskoe highway or along the toll road M11 and get to Solnechnogorsk. Here you need to turn at the 6th traffic light onto Tarakanovskoe highway and move to the village of Popelkovo, then you need to turn right onto the secondary road leading to Boblovo.

The manor can be reached by train. To do this, you need to take an electric train at the Leningradsky railway station, going along one of the routes of the Tverskoy direction:

  • Moscow - Wedge;
  • Moscow - Konakovo State District Power Plant;
  • Moscow - Tver.

Several dozen trains leave for Klin every day, starting at 04:33 and ending at 23:42. Travel time is from 58 minutes to 2 hours 5 minutes. Cost - 300 RUR (Swallow class), 220 RUR (conventional electric trains). An alternative option to get to Klin is to take a bus route Moscow - Klin - Konakovo, departing from the Tushinskaya metro station. In total, 4 buses leave for Klin every day, starting at 08:32, the last bus leaves at 20:32. Travel time 1 hour 32 minutes, cost - 156 RUR.

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Upon arrival in Klin, at the local bus station, you need to take bus number 42 Klin - Boblovo - Klin. In total, there are 5 flights daily on the route, the first one leaves at 04:37, the last one - at 15:15. Travel time is 50 minutes. The first return flight leaves at 07:24 and ends at 16:20.

Manor Boblovo is a classic manor of the 19th century, from the buildings of which, unfortunately, little remains. Among similar estates, the estate is distinguished by the fact that it belonged to the outstanding Russian scientist D. Mendeleev. Now the estate has a museum dedicated to the activities of the scientist.