Eureka Science Museum in Vantaa

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Heureka is an interactive museum and educational center located in the suburbs of the Finnish capital Helsinki. One of the most famous scientific and entertainment complexes of Northern Europe is at the same time the largest scientific museum in the countries of Scandinavia.

Exposition of the Eureka Museum

Eureka is one of those types of museums in which exhibits are allowed and even encouraged to touch. It consists of 8 permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions, which change from time to time. Classic expositions are presented by such fascinating exhibitions as:

  • “Coin Path”, where everyone can mint a coin with their own profile;
  • “Smart city”, where you can get acquainted with the latest urban trends;
  • "Wind in the intestine", where it tells with humor about the physiological characteristics of a person;
  • “Protect yourself”, where you can compare ways to protect people and the natural world.

Interactive exhibitions also introduce visitors to the nature of the earth’s surface and the ocean, the laws of physics, astronomy, and many other natural sciences. Especially popular is cycling along a cable stretched under the ceiling. Despite the apparent danger, this simulator is absolutely safe. The Eureka Science Center is famous for the fact that all scientific attractions and simulators located in the museum are accessible for any experiments of visitors that do not go beyond the scope of scientific use. It was thanks to such a policy that he gained his popularity.

One of the most popular shows in the museum is a sports ground, where fascinating competitions in "Rat Basketball" are held. Each game lasts about 10 minutes, during which trained rats play an exciting basketball game in front of the audience.

Separately from the exhibitions, the museum's planetarium operates. In the planetarium, also called the Verne Magic Theater, films about the structure of the solar system and other scientific topics are shown every hour. For foreign guests a translation from Finnish, including into Russian, is provided.

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In the summer, the Galileo Research Park begins its work, in which visitors will find fascinating exhibits such as Archimedean screw, Moebius ring, perpetual motion machine and many other scientific and educational attractions.

Museum timetables and tickets

Museum working hours:

  • 10: 00 - 19: 00 (Monday - Friday);
  • 10: 00 - 18: 00 (Saturday, Sunday, holidays and holidays).

Price of visit:

  • 22 EUR adult ticket;
  • 15 EUR for children from 6 to 16 years of age, pensioners, students and the unemployed;
  • for children under 6 years, admission is free.

Ticket sales end 1 hours before the museum closes.

Those wishing to visit the complex repeatedly can redeem a visitor's card, which provides unlimited access to the museum's expositions throughout the year. Card cost:

  • 47 EUR for adults;
  • 33 EUR for children and equivalent categories.

How to get to the museum

The Eureka Museum (Heureka) is located in the Tikkurila district of Vantaa, on its immediate border with the Finnish capital.

Eureka is located near the railway station, so when traveling from Helsinki with a commuter train or a long-distance train, you need to go to Tikkurila station. Travel time will take no more than 20 minutes.

The choice of bus route depends on the place of departure:

  • You can get from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport by bus number 562, get off at the Orvokkitie stop, and then walk for about 20 minutes to the south and then east.
  • From Helsinki Train Station or Hakaniemi Square, you can take bus routes No. 73 and No.73N. Next, get off at the Tikkuritie stop and walk for about 10 – 15 minutes in a northeast direction.

When traveling by car, you must go to the Helsinki ring road Kehä 3 (Ring 3), which separates the capital of Finland from Vantaa. At the intersection with the Tikkuritie highway, you need to turn onto it and follow the road signs, which should lead directly to the museum. You can park your car in the large museum car park.

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