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Франция издавна считается страной, чье отношение к сексуальным проявлениям человеческой натуры было и остается весьма лояльным. Париж даже несколько запоздал с открытием своей эротической галереи. Первый музей, экспонаты которого демонстрировали посетителям эту скрытую сторону жизни, появился еще в начале 19 века. Городом, взявшим на себя роль «сексуального первооткрывателя» стал Неаполь. Париж последовал его примеру почти двести лет спустя.

What is it like, the Parisian Erotic Museum

Место, где расположен этот весьма нетрадиционный музей, трудно назвать случайным. Бульвар Клиши, расположенный неподалеку от площади Пигаль, больше известной простому обывателю, как квартал «красных фонарей», пришелся как нельзя кстати. Практически каждая дверь в этом районе скрывает за собой либо стриптиз-бар, либо магазин, торгующий эротическими безделушкам.

The entrance to the museum does not stand out from the general context and is easy to miss. No attention-grabbing austere signs or other attributes that tourists are accustomed to seeing around museums in their traditional sense. It looks more like another store, in the glass windows of which you can see very unambiguous figurines or pictures.

Exhibits and exhibitions

In the seven showrooms of the building, both permanent and temporary exhibitions have been open to visitors since 1997. Here, small Japanese netsuke, depicted in candid poses, wooden figurines of Aztec warriors, who have a weakness for same-sex sexual pleasures, are available to the curious eye.

Lovers of cartoons or photographs will find entertaining examples of the early twentieth century, the number of which on display is in the hundreds. Some of the exhibits on display cause genuine surprise, and some make you involuntarily smile.

Museum of Erotica2

Несколько залов позволяют посетителям в мельчайших подробностях познакомиться с бытом, интерьером и предметами обихода публичных домов и борделей, которые процветали в 19 и начале 20 века.

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Museum of Erotica3

Several permanent exhibitions are devoted to the sexual culture of ancient civilizations and peoples of the East. Here, visitors can get acquainted with a number of paintings, sculptures, primitive drawings and tableware, in which all images are devoted to only one topic - sexual fun. Moreover, judging by the number and variety of manifestations, they were assigned most of the life of the ancient peoples.

Interior items and furniture, which are quite remarkable in their idea of ​​embodiment, will not leave you indifferent. Such copies are definitely not found in modern furniture stores.

Museum of Erotica5

Sculptural compositions deserve special attention, some of which are made in a completely unusual, surrealistic manner, worthy of Salvador Dali.

Museum of Erotica4

Connoisseurs of this trend in art can purchase not only souvenirs, but also some of the items on display. Some of the intimate jewelry, paintings, cartoons and sculptures are on sale.

On November 7, 2016, the museum was closed, and the entire collection was sold at auction.

Getting there

Address: 72 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris 75018

Phone: + 33 1 42 58 28 73
Metro: Blanche