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Perhaps in Paris there is no more accessible museum collection than the exposition of the Outdoor Sculpture Museum, which is located on the seafront of Saint-Bernard. At the very waters of the Seine amid the bright greenery of the garden, named after Tino Rossi, unusual sculptures are located, striking in their originality and variety.

History of the museum

Many years ago, on the site of a quiet city park, there was a dirty port and a cluttered promenade. In the late 70's, the architect Daniel Badani developed a garden project, which became one of the most beloved places for family vacations in Paris. Locals are attracted by the shade of numerous trees, where you can hide from the summer heat, and the proximity of the Seine, so the Tino Rossi garden is ideal for picnics and leisurely walks.

In 1980, the city authorities decided to decorate the part of the park between the Botanical Gardens and the Sully bridge with modern sculptures. Initially, the picturesque embankment was decorated with three dozen works by sculptors of the second half of the 20th century; over time, the collection was supplemented with new original exhibits.

Museum Exposition

The exhibition space of the museum with an area of ​​about 2 hectare occupies almost 600 meters of the promenade. You can come here at any time of the day or year to enjoy the works of Salvador Dali, Cesar Baldachia, Albert Fero, Osip Zadkine, Konstantin Brancusi, Jean Arp and other lesser-known sculptors for free.

Fifty bizarre sculptures, distinguished by the technique of execution, shapes, colors and materials, are arranged among park alleys in a creative mess. Here is a futuristic composition of metal beams, reminiscent of a space station for children, and a terrible, almost mythical sculpture called Icarus, and a design similar to a dozen wings of a hang glider.

Outdoor sculpture museum

One of the most memorable sculptures is the work of the Frenchman Stefan Martin “1 House”. The bronze design really resembles fragile sand houses with many windows. The abstract bronze sculpture of Antoine Ponce and the amusing metal construction of Albert Ferault's “Intelligence Store” in the form of huge bowls with pipes are classic examples of modern art.

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There is also a bronze statue of Hydrophage (Hydrophage) - a representative of abstract surrealism, which is installed in the center of a small fountain. The very frank work of the French sculptor Jean-Robert Ipustegi depicts a naked man who is protected by a shield.

Open Air Sculpture Museum2

There are several stone sculptures in the park, including the Heart of Gaucho made of gray granite, created by Argentinean Sesotris Vitullo. Nearby is the statue of Abellio of the Greek sculptor Liberaki, made of light stone. It consists of several oval elements that are located symmetrically to the ball, occupying the center of the composition. A large sculpture of the Big Window of Cuban Agustin Cardenas was carved from stone, or rather white Carrara marble.

The vivid sculpture of the Frenchman Rougemont also attracts attention with its originality. The metal structure created in 1975 consists of eight cylinders of different heights, each of which is decorated with colored stripes and abstract spots of white, red, blue, green and orange. Another statue, authored by a Frenchman with Hungarian roots Nicholas Schaeffer, differs from other exhibits in his ability to highlight the embankment in the dark. Thanks to a small electric motor, metal discs not only move, but also emit soft light, which delight everyone around.

Open Air Sculpture Museum5

A small amphitheater descends from the museum to the Seine, in which dance evenings are held in summer. When closer to sunset, the Seine embankment is filled with melodies of tango, salsa and folk, the intricate sculptures of the museum are perceived differently.

The open-air sculpture museum is a unique opportunity to combine a walk in a picturesque park with an examination of the masterpieces of modern art.

Getting there

Address: 11 Bis Quai Saint-Bernard, Paris 75005

Metro: Jussieu
RER train: Gare d'Austerlitz