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Late 20th century inside the Louvre a new building appeared, which has already become a full-fledged attraction of Paris - the pyramid of the Louvre.

In the 1980s, French President François Mitterrand proposed launching a project called the Grand Louvre, dedicated to the bicentennial anniversary of the French Revolution. The project itself has also become somewhat revolutionary. It was decided to build a modern building in the courtyard of the Louvre, which, it would seem, did not harmonize with the architecture of the palace.

Louvre pyramid
View from inside the pyramid

It is not surprising that the project had a lot of opponents, in connection with which the construction lasted 5 years and was completed in 1989. Designed by the talented architect Yong Ming Pei, the Louvre Pyramid was nevertheless erected and became part of the architectural ensemble of the Louvre.

The construction of the object pursued not so much an aesthetic as a practical goal. The fact is that the central entrance of the Louvre was extremely overloaded and simply could not cope with the annually increasing influx of tourists. The emerging pyramid was designed to cope with this task.

Their glass and metal structure was installed in the courtyard. Special lighting, developed by leading designers, allows you to see the underground vestibule of the structure. A huge hall located under the pyramid serves as a center of information about the museum, from here you can take the escalator to all the galleries of the museum or go down to the interior. The pyramid copes with its function quite well, thanks to which all numerous comers can visit the Louvre.

Louvre pyramid2

Contrary to the fears of many Parisians, the construction of the pyramid did not in the least spoil the beauty of the architectural ensemble of the Louvre, but only emphasized its magnificence. The modern building in a futuristic style demonstrates the connection of eras and provides an opportunity to take a closer look at the Louvre itself.

The fact is that with the advent of the pyramid, it became impossible to see the central pavilions of the museum from any point, they only partially peek out from behind the glass structure. Therefore, in order to see all the splendor of the museum and find good angles for photography, you will have to thoroughly walk around its courtyard and take a closer look at the architecture.

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Purpose of the Louvre Pyramid

After the publication of the novel The Da Vinci Code, interest in visiting the Pyramid increased significantly. The plot of the novel is based on an unusual design, allegedly consisting of 666 glasses, although in fact from 673.

Address: Pyramide du Louvre, Paris 75001
Phone: + 33 1 40 20 50 50
Metro: Palais Royal Musee du Louvre
Bus: Palais Royal - Musee du Louvre
Opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00

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