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It's no secret that Iceland is an amazing and amazing country. But, having been born here, at the end of the earth, you very quickly cease to be amazed at the beauties of nature, the whims of the weather and all the color in general.

Having gotten pretty bored, the indigenous Icelanders write the most bizarre music, are the most reading country in Europe and the leaders in Internet accessibility, brew the densest beer in the world and open the most controversial museums!

When your whole life is spent in tranquility and tranquility on a remote island, which only occasionally invigorates the local population with volcanic eruptions, your hobbies take on similar outlines - calm and peaceful, but with a twinkle.

If you hike, then go to the volcano, if you fish, then immediately whales, if you collect, then something eccentric!

Sigurdur Hyartarson, one of the bored local residents in 1997, after many years of private collecting, decided, like a true patriot, to put his collection on public display, while meeting the great enthusiasm of the local authorities, who allocated a grand for the arrangement of the museum.

As a rule, any collection begins with the first exhibit, which differs from other things in its value, expressiveness and requires special attention, storage and environment from the owner. In the case of Sigurdur, it was a regular whip made from a bull's penis, which he received as a boy. But fervent interest grew from a joke into a hobby of a lifetime.

Given that Sigurdur worked as a history teacher, his hobby can be attributed to selective archeology.

Once in the Sigurdur Hyartarson Phallological Museum, you begin to understand that the collection holder's inexhaustible enthusiasm is still nourished. The variety of exhibits, coupled with the piquancy of themes, determines an irresistible curiosity that captivates museum visitors, which become the majority of tourists who find themselves in Reykjavik.

On the one hand, it is easy to answer the question of what awaits visitors in the museum's expositions, and on the other hand, it is difficult to at least slightly concretize these ideas.

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The cost of visiting is not high, so if you decide to go to the ticket office, you will definitely find yourself in the halls of the museum. Here you will see what all mammals of Iceland and other habitats owe their continuation to.

Hundreds of specimens ranging from microscopic to human-sized gizmos. In the phallological museum, you feel like an accomplice in someone's leprosy.

You won't leave without a cool selfie! And disgusting and fun and curious!

Sigurd has spent a lot of energy and years in search, which leaves an imprint on the perception of the collection, which looks like an outlandish treasury of some extravagant adventurer from a mythological past, when elves and trolls and a folklore corner still lived this feeling.

Engravings and handicrafts, jars and flasks - like sneaking into the laboratory of a mad doctor.

The exposition ends with the rarest exhibit - homo sapiens. After which, finally shocked and impressed tourists, having bought a couple of souvenirs corresponding to the general theme, suddenly return to the streets of Reykjavik.

Where, pierced by the winds of the Atlantic, squinting from another drizzle, tourists rush to disguise dozens of spicy photos with new pictures of the majestic Hallgrimskirkja spire caught in a rare ray of sun.

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