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The Pierre Berger Foundation of Paris - Yves Saint Laurent (Fondation Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent) is the successor of the legendary haute couture fashion house of I. Saint Laurent. It was created two years after the death of a fashion designer in a mansion in the style of the Second Empire on Marceau Street in 2004 year.

In this house for almost forty years since the 1974 year there was a creative workshop of a fashion designer. The first exhibition in its halls was an exposition on the theme “Yves Saint Laurent: dialogue with art”. Since the fall of 2017, after the death of Pierre Berger, the Fund with the exclusive collection of clothes and fashion accessories has been given the status of a state museum.

Since the foundation of the Fund and the museum, its organizers have proclaimed three main missions in the organization's activities. The most important of them is to keep in perfect order clothes and accessories, sketches of collections and documents related to the activities of Yves Saint Laurent Fashion House.

The second direction of the Foundation's work was the organization of exhibitions of fashion, painting, photography and decorative and applied art in cities of France and abroad. The third objective of the Fund was the financial support of related cultural institutions and copyright projects of beginning designers, fashion designers, and artists.

Creative heritage

The museum collection of the Pierre Berger Foundation - Yves Saint Laurent has a collection of fashionable clothes from 5 thousand items, created by the fashion designer for 40 years. There are about 15 thousand original accessories to exclusive clothing models for all occasions in the museum’s storehouse. More than 50 thousand drawings, photographs and documents constitute the archive fund of the new museum.

In exposition halls on an area of ​​450 m2 unique objects and documents are demonstrated, reflecting the richness of the creative heritage of the fashion designer, preserved by the Pierre Berger-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation. The design of the exhibition space corresponds to the general atmosphere, including decorative flooring made according to the sketches of the artists Nathalie Crenier and Jacques Grange.

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The regularly updated exhibits of the permanent exhibition periodically alternate with thematic and retrospective displays of original dresses, costumes, other items of clothing and their accessories. At the exhibition stands and behind the windows of museum windows, visitors to the exhibitions not only see the finished work of the fashion designer, but can also familiarize themselves with the entire sequence of the process of creating a clothing collection according to high fashion standards.

The permanent exhibition, renewed in March 2018, additionally included 40 objects and documents never before exhibited in the museum. The exhibits presented at it reflect all the main themes of the work of I. Saint-Laurent.

The current exhibition contains the most symbolic couturier projects, which embodied his corporate identity. Safari jackets, overalls, coats and tuxedos are shown on mannequins and in the museum's windows, the creation of which was inspired by real and imaginary trips to Russia, China, Spain, Morocco and other African countries.

Getting there

Address: 5 Avenue Marceau, Paris 75116
Phone: + 33 1 44 31 64 00
Website: museeyslparis.com
Metro: Alma-Marceau
Bus: Alma-Marceau, Marceau - Pierre 1er de Serbie - Place de Beyrouth
Hours: 11: 00-18: 00