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The Regional Foundation for Contemporary Art of the Ile-de-France Department (FRAC Ile-de-France) is one of the three most important research and exhibition centers for the art of the 20th-21st century. and second in importance only to the National Center for Plastic Arts and the National Museum of Modern Art. It is one of 23 such institutions established since 1982 in various departments of the country on the initiative of French Minister of Culture Jacques Lange.

The main missions in the activities of FRAC Ile-de-France are the examination and selection of the most significant works of art of the 20-21st century, as well as promoting the development of the art business. The Foundation is interested in establishing partnerships with regional museums and educational organizations in order to popularize contemporary art, holding public educational conferences, seminars, creative meetings and excursions.

Over the years of its work, the collections and exhibit halls of two FRAC Ile-de-France exhibition centers have collected a collection of approximately 1 347 works owned by 552 French and foreign artists. Every two years, its employees radically update the expositions of exhibitions in them and participate in the preparation of small mobile expositions for vernissages outside the walls of the Foundation.

Concert and Exhibition Center

The Plateau Center for Contemporary Art (Le Plateau) was created in 2002 on the initiative of the Ile-de-France Department of Contemporary Art and the City Hall of Paris. It is located in the vicinity of Butte-Chamonix Park in the Parisian Belleville district.

The building of the new Palace of Arts was designed by the architect Jean-Marc Lalo. Every year, up to 4 temporary thematic and solo exhibitions are held in its exhibition halls. At various times, they featured digital art, sculpture, painting, drawings and photographs by Charles Avery, Richard Foguet, Loris Greau, Pierre Paulino, Ryan Gander, Karen Sittter.

The premises of the Plateau are also used for creative meetings with artists and sculptors, staging performances, contemporary music concerts and choreographic productions. The spirit of bold creative ideas and experimentation has become a bright hallmark of the Palace of Arts.

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Culture Park and Castle of Rentilla

The Castle of Rentilli (Le château de Rentilly) is the second exhibition center of the Regional Foundation for Contemporary Art of the Ильle-de-France department. It is located in a huge park near Paris between the cities of Bussy-Saint-Martin and Bussy-Saint-Georges.

The area of ​​the park with an English layout and artificial ponds is about 50 ha. Along its alleys in the vast territory unusual for France trees and shrubs grow. Among the rare species you can find a giant sequoia, Japanese sophora, ginkgo biloba trees, Japanese maple and Atlas cedar.

The center of the aristocratic estate, an old country house, was built at the beginning of the 16th century. for Member of Parliament Jean Bourderol. At the end of the century, it already belongs to the family of Henry IV's secretary Jean de Ligny. In subsequent centuries, the castle changed owners more than once, many of whom sought to rebuild it to their liking.

By 1780, under Marshal R. Tom, Rentilly Castle strongly resembles an Italian villa, and at the end of the 19th century. banker E. Andre rebuilds it in the style of the times of Louis XIII. According to the writer G. Flaubert, who visited it, at that time it was one of the most luxurious mansions with the richest collection of works of art.

During the Second World War, the castle was requisitioned and served as a barracks for military units. Heavily injured in a fire in 1944, Rentilla was rebuilt in the style of the Directory era. After numerous reorganizations, in 2011, the decision to create an art center in the castle, which was fully realized in three years, was pleasant.

In 2018, FRAC Ile-de-Frans faced significant financial problems due to the withdrawal of funding from the Paris City Hall. First of all, the threat of closure hung over the Le Plateau exhibition center, which caused numerous speeches from the creative community in its defense.

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