Mona Bismar Center for American Art and Culture in Paris

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Mona Bismar - Le Mona Bismarck American Center is located in the American Corner of Paris on New York Avenue. The main mission of the Center on the banks of the Seine is to organize a meaningful dialogue between two cultures and to foster Franco-American friendship.

Looking into the past

The mansion, which has occupied the Center since the mid-1980s, was built in 1890. When working on this project, the architect Jules Guichard followed the traditions of the classical style. The emphasis in the architecture of the building was placed on the division of the facade with pilasters in the Ionic style. In the late 1950s, the facade and interiors of the mansion on the River Seine were reconstructed by the architect Stéphane Boudin for the American-born Countess Mona Travis von Bismarck-Schonghausen.

The halls and halls of the Center for American Art and Culture are decorated in large quantities with wood carvings, moldings and tapestries with Chinese paintings. Visiting halls with gilded decorations, large marble fireplaces and parquet floors with intricate geometric patterns sets the mood for a solemn mood and gives a sense of celebration.

One of the most elegant and wealthy women of her era, Mona Bismarck has always been fond of history and art, while devoting a lot of time and funds to philanthropic work. As a public figure, she maintained close relationships with many masters of art. Her guests at the mansion were writers V. Tennessee, T. Capote, E. M. Remarque, artists P. Newman, G. Garbo, designers and couturiers C. Balenciaga, J. Givenchy.

Crowned persons and prominent politicians were often present at the receptions and evenings organized in the mansion. The guests of Countess M. de Bismarck were Princess Grace of Monaco, US Presidents T. Roosevelt and D. Eisenhower, Duke of Windsor.

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Seven colors of the rainbow art

Mona Bismarck bequeathed the mansion and most of her fortune to the Foundation for American Culture, founded at her request in 1986. The goal of the new public organization was to promote intercultural dialogue between France and the United States through contemporary art. A visible result of his activities was the opening in 2011 in the Mona Bismarck mansion of the Center for American Art and Culture.

In an effort to fully represent American culture in France, the Mona Bismarck Center organizes art exhibitions, performances, international meetings, symposiums and conferences. At the exhibitions and vernissages of the fine arts of the United States of the 20th-21st centuries held in it, masterpieces by E. Roth, M. Bradford, D. Martinez, E. Fogg, B. Youngblood, L. Auerbach, M. cassat and Y. Karsh were shown.

The Center's cinema hall regularly hosts premieres of American blockbusters, and world-famous models appear on the catwalk during Fashion Days. A separate area of ​​work of the Center for American Art and Culture has become education and outreach activities in the field of language and history.

From the side of the courtyard, a terrace and a garden of 400 mXNUMX adjoin the mansion2. During the summer months, it becomes an open-air concert venue. Since 2016, dozens of artists representing different musical directions have taken part in music shows.

Jazz, blues and funk melodies can be heard from an impromptu stage at this time of year. American classics are complemented by modern rhythms of rock, R&B, rap. The youth audience is gathered by the performances of DJs performing compositions of electronic music.

At the Mona Bismarck Center, after visiting an exhibition, concert or film show, you can also get acquainted with the culinary side of American culture. At the Summer House Café, you can order an exotic cocktail and take a gastronomic tour of the United States, tasting pastrami sandwiches, Chicago hot dogs or the unusual Louisiana jambalaya.

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Getting there

Address: 34 Avenue de New York, Paris 75116
Phone: + 33 1 47 23 38 88
Metro: Boissierre
Bus: Musée d'Art Moderne - Palais de Tokyo
Hours: 18: 00-02: 00