30 popular museums in Helsinki

Museums and Galleries

Finland attracts nature and winter sports enthusiasts. There are many interesting things for cultural recreation. There are more than a hundred museums in Suomi, most of which are located in Helsinki. Finns are especially careful about their history and culture, telling about it in the smallest details. Particular attention is paid to collections of paintings and art. Each object is decorated in the same Finnish style.

In addition to museums in the traditional sense of the word, in the Finnish capital you can visit real interactive complexes built with the latest technology. The most striking example is the Amos Rex Museum, whose structures, exhibits, and technologies which immerse visitors into another reality. Projections, thematic computer games, fascinating videos - all this is actively used by Finns in modern museums.

Helsinki museums worth visiting

List of the most interesting museums in the city.

1. National Museum of Finland

Главный музей финской столицы располагается в колоритном здании начала 20 века. На постоянной основе работает выставка об истории страны, о первых жителях Финляндии, которые поселились здесь 10000 лет назад. Экспозиция «Держава» представляет времена шведского и церковного правления, а также период после присоединения к Российской империи. При музее действует мастерская, где можно лично поучаствовать в народных ремеслах разных эпох.

2. Athenaeum

В самом сердце Хельсинки, на площади Раутатиентори, находится центральный музей финского искусства. Коллекция состоит из более 20 тысяч экспонатов 18-20 веков. На постоянной экспозиции находятся картины и скульптуры. Произведением искусства можно назвать и само здание Атенеума, построенное в 1887 году.  Вместе с музеем Синебрюхова и музеем Киасма входит в состав Финской национальной галереи.

3. Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum is housed in an old Russian mansion. It occupies a relatively small area, but this makes it no less interesting. Here you can visit all the typical natural landscapes of the country, see the remains of dinosaurs and extinct animals, get acquainted with the history of the evolution of living things through the example of visual exhibits. Also presented are corners of nature around the world and a large collection of minerals.

4. Helsinki City Museum

The historical exposition tells everything about the Finnish capital. The museum has nine branches, located in various historic buildings in the city. They represent different eras: from the founding of the city in 1550 to the present day. In addition to exploring the historical exhibits, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the ancient city using virtual reality technologies and projections. The visit is free.

5. Seurasaari

An interesting place for guests of any age. An open-air museum is located on the island. An old settlement that has preserved the traditional Finnish way of life is equipped here: wooden houses, smoke saunas, torpas. They say that real peasant Finland is represented here. Exposition details are collected in all corners of the country. There is an excursion program, in the summer you can visit fairs, folk art festivals and master classes.

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6. The fortress of Suomenlinna

Второе название этой крепости – Свеаборг. Построена в 18 веке на семи островах близ Хельсинки, входит в состав объектов Юнеско. На территории действует шесть музеев различной тематики. Музей Суоменлинны представляет старинные русские орудия. Можно посетить настоящую финскую подводную лодку «Весикко» 1930-х годов. Отдельный музей посвящен финской игрушке, также действует военный музей Манеж, таможенный музей и музей фельдмаршала Эренсверда.

7. Museum of Design

The museum is housed in a historic building in the center of Helsinki. This is the place where the best Finnish design art pieces are collected. There are traveling exhibitions from different countries. The exhibits have been gathered since 1873, they talk about the development of design and its impact on society. Once a month there are excursions in Russian. The museum has a cozy cafe and a designer products store.

8. Museum of Contemporary Art “Kiasma”

All contemporary art in Finland is represented in a unique building, the main architectural element of which is light. To date, the exposition has more than 8000 exhibits, each year a special commission selects 100 works by contemporary authors to participate. The museum has workshops and a theater.

9. Art Museum of Sinebryukhov

Музей располагается в старинном особняке семьи пивоваров. Последний потомок фамилии Синебрюховых был коллекционером живописи. Это собрание стало основой экспозиции музея, в которой представлены работы европейских и русских живописцев 13-19 веков.  В неизменном виде сохранились и помещения семьи Синебрюховых, которые также открыты для посещения.

10. Helsinki Art Museum

This unique project is called the Helsinki Art Museum. Its expositions are located in all corners of the capital: these are statues and sculptures on the streets of the city, art objects in medical institutions, schools and libraries. The collection has 9000 exhibits telling about contemporary Finnish and international art. Museum exhibitions are held at the Tennis Palace, the building of which is itself a landmark.

11. "Amos Rex"

This private museum is an updated version of the Amos Anderson Museum, opened back in 1965. Now it is a futuristic complex, combining several underground galleries with crater windows and the building of a glass palace from 1936. Here you can see all the most unusual solutions: interactive, high-tech and surrealistic exhibitions, works of contemporary authors. The expositions are regularly updated.

12. Museum of Finnish Architecture

Музей не только ведет работу по организации экспозиции и выездных международных выставок, но и имеет большую научную ценность. Собранные в нем чертежи, рисунки, фотографии и макеты представляют историю архитектуры от античности до 80 – х годов 20 века. Помимо постоянной экспозиции, здесь в любое время работают выставки современной архитектуры. При музее действует книжный магазин.

13. Technical Museum

A unique museum based on a complex of buildings of an old power plant. Located in the old part of Helsinki, on the island. The exhibits will tell about the transformation of peasant Finland into a country of high technologies. You can see the power plant's machine room, a mining mine, an old elevator, water treatment systems, the first Finnish computer, and much more. All exhibits are provided with a detailed description.

14. Mannerheim House Museum

Baron Gustav Mannerheim is known as an outstanding military and statesman. After the death of the marshal, it was decided to open the house in which he lived, but there were so many who wished that he became a permanent museum. Here, most of the rooms are preserved unchanged, an extensive library, awards, trophies, and art from a personal collection are presented. Tours are conducted in six languages, including Russian.

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15. Museum of working life

На базе старинного деревянного дома в Хельсинки оборудован музей, рассказывающий о жизни финских рабочих в прошлом столетии. В десяти квартирах представлены разные периоды 20 века, где поэтапно можно отследить развитие технического прогресса: появление электричества, первых граммофонов, швейных машин. Дворик также обустроен по всем правилам прошлого века. В магазине при музее можно приобрести старинные предметы быта.

16. Museum-Studio of Alvar Aalto

The famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto designed the studio for his own architectural bureau in 1955. The building is surrounded on all sides by an amphitheater courtyard. Both in the drawing room inside and in the courtyard, many famous projects were created. Now the Alvar Aalto Foundation’s office is located here, excursions are held.

17. Museum of the Bank of Finland

The museum is located near the central square of Helsinki. Here you can clearly see the answers to all questions about global finance. Using the exhibits as an example, you can study the history of money from animal skins to modern currencies. Computer games allow you to participate in the management of the bank and predict inflation. It will be useful to learn how to determine the authenticity of banknotes.

18. War Museum

The main museum of the armed forces of Finland. Exhibitions are held at the base of the Suomenlinna fortress and in Helsinki. Exhibits began to be collected since 1929, now their number is more than 200, but only a part of them is participating in exhibitions. These are military uniforms, flags and awards, weapons and equipment. The Manege of the Military Museum presents the history of Finnish wars and battles for independence. The museum includes the legendary submarine Vesikko.

19. Tram Museum

The museum is located in a tram depot, built in 1900. Located in the Koryamo Culture Factory. A real tram car that traveled the streets of Helsinki more than 100 years ago has been restored here. Inside, the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century is completely preserved. You can sit in the place of the conductor, remember how to use the composter and watch fragments of the old movie.

20. Hakasalmi Manor

This old mansion is also called the Karamzina estate, since the imperial maid of honor and the famous public figure Aurora Karamzina lived here until her death. The museum’s collection has preserved her personal belongings, as well as a copy of the Sansi diamond. The mansion itself is considered the best of the Finnish Empire styles, of which very few have been preserved. Exhibitions are regularly held at the estate.

21. Kaapelitehdas

The simplified name is Kaapeli. Today, the famous building of the former cable factory has been turned into a cultural center, where regular art and photo exhibitions, fairs and festivals take place. The Finnish Museum of Photography, the Theater Museum and the Museum of Hotels and Restaurants are constantly working here. In all three, you can learn the profession from the inside and get acquainted with its history and secrets.

22. Forsblom Gallery

It is one of the largest galleries of contemporary art on the server of Europe and bears the name of its founder - Kai Forsbloma. Every year there are dozens of exhibitions of artists from Finland and from around the world. She received the reputation of the most famous gallery in Scandinavia for her extensive cooperation with international projects and for many years of work, more than 40 years.

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23. Juhani Kirpil Art House

Музей имени известного финского врача находится в тихом северо-западном районе Хельсинки. Юхани Кирпиля был большим любителем живописи и успел собрать большую коллекцию картин, которую передал в дар городу вместе со своим особняком. Помимо картин 19-20 веков здесь представлены скульптуры, этюды, русский фарфор. Регулярно проходят выставки современного искусства, концерты и лекции.

24. Museum of the daily newspaper

Autumn is an interesting place for lovers of antiquity and journalism. Exhibits will talk about the development of the printing industry: the first newspapers, machine tools, antique interiors of publishing houses. The main part of the exhibition is devoted to Finnish journalism, censorship and the principles of freedom of speech. You can get to the shows of old films and interactive entertainment. Entrance to the museum is free.

25. University of Helsinki Museum

В самом старом учебном заведении Финляндии открыт музей для свободного посещения. Он расскажет об истории университета с момента его основания в 17 веке до наших дней. Экспозиции распределены по периодам истории страны, которые повлияли и на жизнь университета. Представлена большая коллекция студенческой формы, старинных учебных пособий, редкие научные издания. Посетители узнают много новых фактов о стране и науке.

26. Firefighter Museum

The Erottai Rescue Station, built in 1891, is not only perfectly preserved, but also operates in our time. A museum dedicated to all the intricacies of saving people and putting out fires was founded on its territory. Visitors learn about the history of firefighting, learn how to provide first aid and behave correctly in emergency situations. The station is located on a hill, and from its 42-meter tower a beautiful panorama of the city opens.

27. Villa Guillenberg

This place is called the most beautiful museum in Finland. It is located in the house of the family of the banker Yullenberg on the island of Kuusisaari. Ane Yullenberg was a philanthropist and art collector. The villa is fully preserved in the form in which it was during the lifetime of the family. Of interest are not only numerous canvases, but also the very atmosphere of the house, made with bourgeois chic, and at the same time restrained. Nearby is an art gallery with paintings by Finnish artists.

28. Didrichsen Art Museum

Этот музей на острове Куусисаари носит имя своего первого директора. Первые выставляемые полотна были в стиле традиционного финского искусства, но настоящая известность пришла к музею после приобретения работ модернистов: Пикассо, Педерсена, Тапиеса. Одним из самых заметных событий стала выставка картин Эдварда Мунка в 2015 году, а в 2020 – выставка Ван Гога.

29. The burgher's house

The oldest wooden building in the center of Helsinki, built in 1818, is today restored and open to the public. The interior of the house was restored according to the preserved inventory of the legacy of the fireman. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the life of a prosperous Finnish official of the 1860s. The house is a branch of the City Museum, admission is free.

30. Museum of Finnish Sports

Для гостей Олимпийского стадиона Хельсинки есть прекрасная возможность посетить музей, посвященный истории национального спорта. Он был создан в 1943 году по инициативе государства. Коллекция насчитывает около 30000 экземпляров: спортивный инвентарь разных лет, форма и награды знаменитых спортсменов. Самый старый предмет в музее – лыжи, которым более 2,5 тысячи лет. Особое место занимают экспонаты с 15 Олимпийских игр в Хельсинки.