35 best museums in Stockholm

Museums and Galleries

Stockholm is a city on 14 islands. Unusual geography is complemented by a rich history dating back to the time of the Viking conquerors. For this reason, the tourist flow to the capital of Sweden is inexhaustible. Local museums have something to offer: galleries of contemporary art, scientific collections of all directions and interactive exhibitions.

A special place in the cultural life of Stockholm is Djurgården - an island of museums. It is located near the city center, and in ancient times, these territories were the hunting grounds of the monarchs. Now unique objects are collected here, such as Skansen - an ethnographic open-air museum, Vasa - a museum of one ship - the only sailing ship of its kind, and Unibakken - a place where fairy tales come to life.

The most interesting museums in Stockholm

List of museums worth visiting in Stockholm!

1. The Royal Palace

The official residence of the royal family is located in the center of Stockholm. The current appearance of the palace acquired in the middle of the 18th century. Since many rooms continue to perform their direct functions, not all halls are open to tourists. In addition to temporary exhibitions, various museums work here: the Treasury, the Armory, the Museum of Antiquity and the Three Crowns Museum, which tells the history of the castle, which in the past stood on the site of the palace.

2. National Museum of Sweden

The largest collection of fine art in Sweden is kept at the National Museum. The main building can be found on the promenade of the Blasicholmen Peninsula in the historic district of the city. The history of the collection began in 1792. The exhibits received their permanent home 74 years later: the premises were designed by the architect August Stüler. Funds contain more than 50 thousand storage units.

3. Vasa Museum

The unique "museum of one ship" has been open on the island of Djurgården since 1990. Vasa is the only surviving sailboat from the early 17th century. The best carpenters and blacksmiths of their time were attracted to build the ship. In total, about 400 people were involved in the work. The construction of the Vasa Museum took more than a thousand trees. The ship sank during the first voyage and was raised from the day of the harbor only after 300 years.

4. Valdemarsudde

Prince Eugene, himself an artist, amassed an impressive collection of paintings in his villa built in the early years of the 20th century. The furnishings of many rooms have been preserved; among other things, canvases by the previous owner hang on the walls. When he died, all property became the property of the state. Tourists have been allowed here since 1947. The upper floors are reserved for temporary exhibitions.

5. Skansen

The Ethnographic Open Air Museum was founded by Arthur Hazelius in 1891. The total number of buildings has exceeded the mark of 150. On a vast expanse of manors and houses are collected, typical for different periods and different parts of Sweden. Museum workers are dressed in themed outfits. A menagerie and aquarium are available for visitors. The latter refers to the complex of the Biological Museum.

6. Drottningholm

In the 16th century, Drottningholm was built specifically for Katarina Jagiellonian, which means “Queen's castle”. It was rebuilt and updated, and it is the interiors of the 17th-19th centuries that have come down to our days in perfect condition. Painted patterned ceilings, huge paintings on the entire wall, rare furniture, richly decorated chandeliers - this is not a complete list of the beauties of the palace.

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7. Unibacken

This children's cultural and entertainment center is also called the Museum of Fairy Tales. The opening took place in 1996. The exposition is a recreation of scenes from Swedish literary masterpieces. A special place is given to Astrid Lindgren: on the scenes from her works you can travel on a special train. The local store sells books in different languages. There is a restaurant at Unibakken.

8. Modern Art Museum

Located in the central part of Stockholm on the island of Sheppsholmen since 1958. The museum building was rebuilt in the 90s according to the project of the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. The collection includes more than 100 thousand works of art. The most valuable of them are the works of Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Warhol, Russian constructivists. In the history of the museum there was a major theft: losses amounted to about 40 million. 3 of 8 exhibits were returned.

9. Viking Museum

One of the original museums of the island of Djurgarden. The museum tells the story of the Vikings through several interconnected expositions. Exhibitions are mostly interactive. Visitors are offered to go along the trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks", as well as go on a trip on a rail car and get acquainted with the Viking family. Exhibits - household items, weapons, jewelry, clothes.

10. City Museum of Stockholm

It is located on the square under the name "Russian Compound". Since 1937, several exhibitions have united under one roof. Among them: installations on the theme of the Middle Ages, a collection of puppets, architectural exhibits. Periodically, the themes of the exhibitions change. A playground “Torget” has been created for children. In front of the building is a ball denoting Mercury. He is part of the largest model of the solar system.

11. Museum of the Swedish Army

The exposition of the museum is divided into two parts. Cannons and large military equipment are exhibited in the courtyard. In the building itself, reminiscent of a palace, there are more modest examples of Swedish weapons, uniforms from different times, and soldier's household items. There are three floors for exhibitions. You can ask for an audio guide. Visitors are invited to take a photo, dressed in military uniform.

12. Nobel Museum

The museum's collection relates not only to Alfred Nobel himself, but also to the prize he created. Visitors are invited to get acquainted with scientific achievements, for which researchers received one of the most prestigious awards in the world. Among the exhibits is the will of the famous Swede. The large hall is reserved for showing educational films. Separate excursions are held for children, including those popularizing science.

13. Museum of the group ABBA

Opened in 2013 and belongs to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. Stage costumes, records, photographs, a studio where quartet masterpieces were recorded is the basis of the collection. According to legend, in the hall dedicated to the song “Ring, Ring”, there is a telephone whose number is known only to members of the group. It is understood that one day he will ring, and some of the visitors to the museum will be able to personally talk with the idols.

14. State Historical Museum

Founded in 1934 in the Östermalm area, the museum tells about the territory of Sweden from the Stone Age to the 16th century. Thematic continuation of the collection is in the Scandinavian Museum. The most spectacular halls are dedicated to the history of the Vikings and jewelry. The last exhibition even has its own name - "Golden Room". It was designed by the architect Leif Blomberg.

15. Til Gallery

The largest collection of Scandinavian paintings. In addition, among the exhibits there are also masterpieces of sculpture. The museum was named after the Swedish banker Ernest Thiel, who stood at the origins of the exposition. With the participation of architect Ferdinand Boberg, the philanthropist designed the villa, where he moved his meeting in 1907. The state bought his property from Thiel, after which a gallery was opened in the villa in 1926.

16. Museum of the Middle Ages

Externally, the building of the museum, opened in 1986, is modest. But it is conveniently located: between the Royal Palace and the opera. At the turn of the 70-80s of the last century, large excavations were conducted in the city and its environs. Artifacts found during this period became the museum's exposition. The most interesting objects are the site of the old fortress wall, tools, handicrafts, a "children's corner".

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17. Swedish Museum of Natural History

Especially for this museum by 1916 a complex of buildings was built. Exhibitions are dedicated to biology and geology. 9 million exhibits are divided into categories. The employees conduct active scientific work, including lecturing. The museum has a planetarium and a bird ringing center, and movie buffs can visit the IMAX cinema. Nearby is Stockholm University.

18. Museum of the Northern Countries

In 1873, the culturologist Arthur Hazelius initiated the creation of a museum to tell the story of northern countries and peoples. The main hall is decorated with a statue of King Gustav I, sitting on a throne. The exposition of the first floor is dedicated to the Sami culture, the second to children, the third to folk art, and the fourth to the decoration of houses and furniture. The bookstore and restaurant are located in the same building.

19. Hallville Museum

The name of the museum is given by the name of the first owners. The castle for the Hallvil couple was built in the 90s of the 19th century by Isaac Gustav Klason. The Count and Countess collected paintings, porcelain, antique furniture and weapons. In 1920, they gave the collection to the state, along with their residence. The museum was fully operational 18 years later. Performances and temporary exhibitions are held in free halls, and tastings are held in the wine cellar.

20. Museum of Photography

In the building of the former customs in 2010, a museum of photography was opened. The ceremony was led by Annie Leibovitz, a cult portrait photographer. The facade was kept in the same style, and the interiors were made completely modern. Inside, in addition to the exhibition areas, classrooms for holding workshops and conference rooms, a cafe and a souvenir shop were placed. Over the year, the museum hosts about 20 diverse exhibitions.

21. Maritime Museum

Since ancient times, the history of Sweden has been inextricably linked with the sea. It is not surprising that one of the largest museums in the world on this subject is located in Stockholm. In front of the entrance is a monument to sailors who died during the Second World War. The area around is used for celebrations and concerts. Exhibits - ship models, ship interiors, ship logs and drawings.

22. Technical Museum

Established in 1923 The collection moved to the current building, 13 years later. Emphasis is placed on the technical achievements of Swedish scientists. The Great Hall occupies the layout of Sweden's railway tracks. Separate expositions received telephone communications, women scientists and the environment. Interactive exhibitions attract children. A special scientific laboratory is open for them.

23. Ethnographic Museum

It was created on the basis of the Academy of Sciences. Since 1900, it was adjacent to the Museum of Natural History, and received its own building only in 1930. More than 200 thousand exhibits help visitors to know life on the planet. The collection is divided into regions, including Africa and Oceania, and time periods: from antiquities to the present. The museum includes a Japanese-style tea house, built in 1990.

24. Police Museum

To explain to the public what exactly the police are doing, a museum was created in 2007. It consists of a series of mini-exhibitions that help visitors try on the role of law enforcement officer. The historical reference is attached to the visit, but the main thing is the interactive part. You can try on a form, look for evidence at the scene of a staged crime, as well as do paper work.

25. National Museum of Sports

It was founded in 1947. Originally occupied the building behind the Stockholm Stadium. Several times in his history he moved and even temporarily ceased to exist. In its current form has existed since 2007. The pride of the museum is its diversity: the exhibition presents objects related to all 68 sports that are practiced in Sweden. The museum promotes a healthy lifestyle.

26. Museum of the Mediterranean and the Middle East

In 1954, two museums, Egyptian and Cyprus, were combined into one. The archaeological artifacts of the collection are dated for a long period: from the time when the first traces of man were discovered in Mesopotamia to the heyday of Islamic and Christian culture. The pearl of the collection is the terracotta figures brought from Cyprus. They were discovered during excavations in the 30s of the last century.

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27. Museum of East Asia

Swedish archaeologist Johan Andersson laid the foundation of the museum in 1926. During his expeditions, he collected a valuable collection of rarities and artifacts. A special role is assigned to China before the Ming Dynasty. In recent years, the collection has been significantly replenished with objects of contemporary art in East Asia. A thematic library has been created at the museum, including historical, cultural and religious literature.

28. Museum of Music and Theater

It was created in 1899 as a museum of the history of music. Stage by stage theater, choreography and musical instruments were added. Since 1979, it has been occupying the oldest surviving industrial building in Stockholm, which is also a national architectural monument. In addition to exhibitions of dolls, props and instruments, the museum hosts lectures, concerts, performances and festive events.

29. Dance Museum

In the building of the Royal Opera House in 1953, a museum dedicated to the history of dance was opened. Subsequently, the exposition moved. The tour is dedicated to the development of dance art and national dances. Exhibits - costumes, masks, posters, props. Temporary exhibits are often live performances. Some need to book tickets for several months, as they are so popular.

30. Royal office of coins

The Numismatic Museum is one of the oldest in Sweden. Established - 1570 The exhibition presents all possible types of payment systems: from kauri shells, which were used as currency, to the latest generation of bank cards. Funds have about 600 thousand units of storage. Sections: Public Finance, Swedish Coins, World Money, Savings Banks and Piggy Banks, Medal Art, Treasure and Treasure Magic and a Children's Exhibition.

31. Museum of Architecture and Design

It is located in the same complex as the Museum of Modern Art. Founded in 1962, a more recognizable name is ArkDes. The constant represents Swedish architecture through models and photographs. Other exhibitions are temporary and concern not only architecture, but also urban planning, as well as design. Some come back periodically if they were popular with the public. The museum includes archives, a library and workshops.

32. Sven-Harry Museum of Art

Based in Vasa Park since 2011. This cultural object combines several functions. Here you can come to an exhibition, seminar and training, or rent a copy of the founder's apartment for personal purposes. The museum has workshops, a media center, conference and recreation facilities. Under certain conditions, almost every corner of Sven-Harry's art house is rented out.

33. Biological Museum

Zoologist Gustav Kolthoff in 1892 found funding to create a biological museum in Stockholm. A year later, architect Agi Lindegren designed a building for him. Dioramas and stuffed animals introduce visitors to the flora and fauna of Sweden. Dioramas were placed in the basement, reproducing the landscapes of different coasts. In the 90s of the 20th century the museum was restored.

34. Museum of Toys and Comics

The founders of the museum are the von Schinkel family. Exhibition area - 2500 square meters. The recognizable name of the museum is Bergrummet, and it is considered one of the largest in Europe in its niche. Rare model trains and dolls from the 15th century coexist with modern comics and educational games. An impressive exhibit is a Volvo car cut in half, inside of which dozens of toy cars are neatly arranged.

35. Apartment-Museum Astrid Lindgren

The world-famous Swedish writer has lived in a house at Dalagatan, 46 for more than half a century. The apartment has 5 rooms and a kitchen. In 2015, these premises became a museum open to all who wish to get acquainted with the work and personal life of Astrid Lindgren. There are age restrictions: 15 and older. You need to buy tickets in advance: volunteers act as guides, so their work schedule is free.